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Wedding in Tuscany – Dreams come true!

No doubt Tuscany is one of the top wedding destinations in Europe or even in the world. The beauty of the famous towns and small villages, fabulous panoramic views, good food, great wine, the excellent local service and the relaxed Tuscan lifestyle make it one of the favourite destinations of brides and grooms around the globe.

Many young couples who visite Tuscany just for vacation go back later to celebrate their special day with friends and family. It’s not as difficult and expensive as it may seem, following Tuscan Wedding Top 10 Tips or hiring a local wedding planner may help take the right steps.

Let the professionals help you…

If you are not good at organising, want to be free minded on your special day, and can afford the expense, choose a wedding planner in your country or find one in Tuscany. They will lead you through all legal requirements and take care of plenty of challenging tasks as finding a venue, photographer, musicians,  arrange catering and transportation, limousines or vintage cars,  flowers, the wedding cake, small gifts, not to mention extra accommodation and entertainment for the guests. Some will even help with planning a honeymoon.

...or do it yourself

Organising the event on your own may be for both of you a great experience. It should start with making some essential decisions:

  • Do you want to get married in Italy or just to hold a wedding party there?
  • If you want to get married, will it be a civil or religious ceremony? Maybe just a symbolic blessing?
  • Do you need a special venue (a castle, splendid restaurant in the centre of a historic town, panoramic location among the vineyards or by the sea) or prefer a party in a Tuscan villa and it’s gardens?
  • Do you want your guests to spend more time with you? Will you pay for your guest’s accommodation? How will you and your guests travel?

Basing on our (both private and professional) experience we suggest looking at least a couple of months in advance for a villa or hamlet that will accommodate your party and give guests plenty of notice to help them making the necessary travel arrangements. Renting a villa and holding a party in its gardens seems to be the best solution for couples that haven’t hired a wedding planner. At the same time you provide accommodation for your guest and you can stay together in one place. Having a party in the villa means you get rid of the transportation problems and last, but not least, you have all your personal items at hand, in the bedroom upstairs. The less stress, the better, on your very special day. If you are looking for less formal atmosphere a private villa is the right choice.

It’s good to take a pre-wedding trip to Tuscany to see on your eyes the villa, it’s surrounding, the access road etc. But, believe or not, plenty of our guests who got married or held a wedding party in one of our villas were able (sometimes with little help of concierge service) to make all the arrangements by email or by the phone. Using contacts on our site you can book a private chef who will  be more than happy to offer you special a wedding service, including shopping, cooking, matching the wine, serving, and cleaning. Many villa owners collaborate with local chefs or can provide extra services on their own. Drinking wine made of the grapes that were grown in the vineyard just outside the villa, sounds great, doesn’t it? You can buy some more and drink it on you anniversaries!

Some of our villas have facilities to hold the wedding ceremony and wedding celebration, plenty of others can be easily set up as wedding venues. It may happen that some of your guests will come just for one night or you will need to accommodate more guests than the villa capacity. It can all be arranged, usually it’s not a problem to find extra rooms in the area. Most owners would agree that extra people, who do not stay in the villa, can attend the party.

Thinking about the costs, consider renting a villa in the mid-season, May, June or September are great moths to visit Tuscany. August with its temperature peeks up to 40 Celcisus degrees may make wearing the wedding dress or suit unbearable. Suggest your guests to use low-cost airlines and rent a car, most of our villas are within 1-2 drive from the airports. Having a dinner prepared and served will cost you at least 50€ per person, wine not included. You don’t really need a limo or vintage car, little orchestra or a cameraman. Villa with stunning views, some flowers, local food and wine, good photographer and of course company of your friends and family are just enough to make your dream about wedding in Tuscany come true!


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