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When & Where To See Tuscany’s Most Famous & Colourful Flowers

When & Where To See Tuscany’s Most Famous & Colourful Flowers

Posted by Mikolaj (03/08/2017)

The brightly coloured blooms that cover Tuscany’s countryside are synonymous with the region’s world-famous landscapes. Not only do they attract huge amounts of visitors every year, but they have also inspired scores of Italian artists from across history.
We are often asked when the best time is to see this natural spectacle. However, since many of Tuscany’s flower species bloom at different times and depend on different environments, this is a complex question to answer. It’s certainly worth getting your timing right, because witnessing these flowers in their full glory is nothing short of breath-taking, not to mention ideal for unique photo opportunities. With pink cherry blossom trees lining the vineyards, rich green olive groves and lush fields of yellow rapeseed flowers by the country roads, it’s hard not to be blown away by these extraordinary scenes.
To help you discover these scenes for yourself, we’ve provided a guide to some of the most beloved and popular flowers of the region, as well as where and when you can see them.

If it’s striking red hues you want to capture on camera then you won’t want to miss Tuscany’s poppies in bloom. As with most of these flowers, the best time to witness them can vary, but generally speaking, they start raising their heads towards the end of April and into the first few weeks of May.
Some of the best places to see poppies include the fields of Maremma and the Crete Senesi in the Val d’Orcia. The poppy fields initially begin with a few flowers rising up here and there, but by the end of May, these fields are in full bloom, every square inch of them bathed in a rich red.
Next up we have a common sight in Tuscan art and paintings. Many people travel from all over the world just to experience standing in a Tuscan field surrounded by enormous yellow sunflowers.
The sunflower season in Tuscany begins in early June and runs through July and August. However, catching them looking their best is not quite as predictable, since they are easily affected by the weather. They may be in spectacular bloom on a certain date, but may fail to show up on the same day a year later. It’s a good idea to ask the locals if you aren’t having much success.
It’s certainly worth driving around a little to find the best sunflower fields, because when you do stumble upon one, the dazzling sight is not easily forgotten.

Cherry blossom trees
It’s hard to imagine a more romantic scene than a gorgeous cherry blossom tree. If you want to get married in Tuscany, you may want to coincide your wedding with the bloom of the cherry blossom. These trees line fields with pretty pink and white flowers. The best time to see them bloom is in the spring, and the first local cherries can be eaten in mid may.
A lesser known flower by tourists, Orchids are also a spectacle to behold in Tuscany. In fact, there are over 40 different species of orchid that are native to Tuscany. Orchids can be found in and around the vineyards and beautiful fields in the Chianti region, but there are also some growing high in the Apuan Alps.
One of the species found here is famous for looking like an insect, so much so that male insects like bees try to mate with them. This isn’t too much of an inconvenience for the orchids though. In fact it’s beneficial for the species because it helps them pollinate.
Rapeseed flowers
Though they may trigger hay fever symptoms for some people, rapeseed fields are beautiful to look at from any distance. These little yellow flowers light up the landscape.
They are often described as fields of gold, and it’s easy to see why. The rapeseed flowers are one of Tuscany’s most striking sights, and they can be seen spreading across the horizons in early spring. They contrast wonderfully with the lush green grass of the surrounding trees and meadows.
As well as all of the above, other attractive flowers to look out for in Tuscany include lupinella selvatica (French honeysuckle, which grows wild from April to June), daisies, hyacinths, cyclamens and primrose flowers.

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