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6 Unique & Unusual Things To Do In Tuscany

6 Unique & Unusual Things To Do In Tuscany

Posted by Ruth (11/05/2017)
Looking for something a little out of the ordinary? If your perfect holiday doesn’t consist of laying on a sunbed for a week, then we’ve got some news for you, Tuscany could be just what you’re after. Of course you can hire a luxurious private villa and simply chill out under the Tuscan sun by the pool if you wish, but you will miss out on some of the region’s hidden gems. We’ve scoured the lands and asked around in order to find some of the most unique and unusual things you can see and do in and around Tuscany.
1. Go truffle hunting
Go foraging for this expensive fungus in the Tuscan woods and countryside. Perhaps the area best known for truffles is San Miniato which is located in between Florence and Pisa.  There are day excursions which offer the chance to collect your own truffles, learn about the history behind this pricey food, and also enjoy a truffle-based meal afterwards.
2. Uncover Vie Cave
Visit the Vie Cave which is located just outside of Pitigliano in the Maremma region. These narrow paths were carved out by ancient civilizations. The Intrusions were around before the Romans and no one knows exactly how they were able to create these passage via the stone. Here you can appreciate signs of an ancient world and walk along the pathways, be sure to keep an eye out for the shrines and carvings along the route.
3. Hike through the Foresta Casentinese
Wander through one of the most ancient forests in Europe and go horseback riding and hiking through the forest. Be sure to check out key sites in the area including La Verna and the Camaldoli Hermitages.  ‘These welcoming forests enable visitors in our times to experience deep and vivid sensations; fascinating in their range of colours, with all the shades of green that in autumn explode into brilliant splashes of amber and russet.’ Some of the animals that call the forest home include deer, wild boar, mountain sheep and even wolves.
4. See an epic armour collection
Feast your eyes on one of the biggest armour collections in Europe at the Stibbert Museum.  Here you can see European, Japanese and Islamic armour, a collection of Renaissance paintings and over 36,000 artefacts. Located on the hill of Montughi in Florence, it’s definitely a unique place worth visiting.
5. Admire the open art at Il Giardino dei Tarocchi
Take a look at a very unusual collection of art by the French artist Niki de Saint Phalle in an outdoor, open-air display. His art is very similar to the style of Gaudi, and has lots of vibrant colours and interesting shapes. You will find Il Giardino dei Tarocchi in the province of Grosseto.

6. Bathe in wine at Vinotherapia at Castellare de’ Noveschi
Yes, you can really take a bath in wine at Castellare de’ Noveschi. This unusual experience and treatment is said to prevent aging and revive your skin. Whether it does or not, you will most certainly have an interesting and unique experience.  ‘Warm waters with unique fragrances that mimic the body of the most precious wines by hints of blackberry, strawberry, pink, purple and orange: the idyllic alchemy that envelops most senses, sight, smell and touch.’
For a full list of things to do in Tuscany, take a look at our handy guide book.

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