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6 Beautiful Things You Will Notice in Tuscany

6 Beautiful Things You Will Notice in Tuscany

Posted by Sonia (04/05/2017)

Few destinations really leave a mark on you like Tuscany does. You can’t go a day in Tuscany without seeing something absolutely breathtaking, especially if you are lucky enough to travel all around the region.

If you are planning on visiting Tuscany, it’s a good idea to hire a car. This gives you the opportunity to really see everything that the area has to offer, and stop off at all the best bits and awe-inspiring spots.
From some of the most magical views in the world to impressive medieval buildings and amazing scenic drives, Tuscany really is a wonderful destination. At times it feels a bit like you are in a dream, because you get lost in the slow pace of life and start to stop and truly notice Tuscany’s beauty. Here’s six beautiful things you won’t fail to notice (and should most definitely snap a picture of) in Tuscany.

1. The vineyards
Of course Tuscany is world famous for its endless vineyards, so you are bound to come across a vineyard or two during your travels. In some areas, such as Chianti, they seem to engulf the countryside. If you get the chance go wine tasting in Tuscany so you can see the vineyards up close, and maybe even pose for some picturesque photos.

2. The olive trees
Have you ever had the pleasure of enjoying a picnic under an olive tree? There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting by an olive tree with some fresh local Tuscan food and a bottle of award-winning wine. Olive trees are dotted all around Tuscany, so you will most likely pass plenty on your travels, just make sure you taste some local olive oil and perhaps bring some home in your suitcase!

3. The castles
There’s an endless selection of charming and absolutely stunning castles in Tuscany. Try and plan a visit to at least one or two during your trip. Some of them have a fascinating history and are located in the most picturesque settings. Here’s a selection of some of the must -visit castles in Tuscany.

4. The hilltop towns
You can’t discuss the merits of Tuscany without touching on the charming and magical hilltop towns. Wherever you are staying in Tuscany, you won’t be too far away from a medieval hilltop village or town. When you step inside the walls of a hilltop town, it often feels as though you have been transported back in time. The views from many of the famous hilltop towns are absolutely astonishing. Not sure which hilltop towns are near where you are staying? Check out our guide to the towns and villages of Tuscany.

5. The sunsets
Another thing Tuscany is famous for is its sunsets. If you are in the right place, at the right time, you will be treated to one of the region’s most beautiful sunsets. You won’t be short of pretty places to stop and enjoy the sun going down.

6. The scenic driving routes
Driving in Tuscany is like nowhere else in the world. Long drives are an absolute pleasure rather than a chore, and it’s impossible to stop staring out of the window at the views. There are so many beautiful spots that you will find yourself constantly jumping out of the car to take photos.

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