What To Pack For A Holiday In Tuscany

Friday, March 17, 2017

What To Pack For A Holiday In Tuscany

Posted by Mikolaj (17/03/2017)

So you’ve booked your holiday to Tuscany, and it’s time to start thinking about what to pack. If you really want to make the most of your Tuscan adventure, then there’s some things you shouldn’t forget to pack in your suitcase.

Obviously what clothing you bring depends on the time of year you are visiting. If you aren’t visiting in the hottest months of the year, you may want to bring a cosy cardigan for the evenings, as temperatures tend to drop a little.

You also need to consider what sort of holiday you are going on. If you are planning on being pretty active, then you might want to bring some sports gear. Here’s some general things you might want to think about packing for your holiday in Tuscany, Italy.

Walking shoes
If you plan on venturing deep into the Tuscan countryside and going on some walking routes then you will definitely need some suitable walking shoes. The terrain varies quite a bit across the region, so you will need some decent comfortable walking shoes.

If you only plan on walking round the hilltop towns and cities then a normal pair of trainers will so. Keep in mind that a lot of the streets are cobbled and uneven, and can be slippy when wet, so it’s worth bringing a pair of shoes with a fair amount of grip.

A guide book
A guide book can be really handy. You might think you have everything planned beforehand, but guidebooks have handy info that can help you when you arrive. We have produced a guidebook that you can download and take with you, click here to take a look. It offers advice for driving in Italy, the best towns to visit and the top things to do in Tuscany.

Appropriate clothing for religious buildings
If you want to go into churches and religious buildings throughout Tuscany in cities such as Florence for example, you will need the appropriate attire. It’s a real disappointment to get there and realise you can’t go inside. You will need a long sleeved top and trousers. A long shawl is a handy alternative to a long top for ladies, and can easily fit in your travel bag. Your knees and shoulders need to be covered when entering churches.

Don’t forget to pack your best camera, because you will want to take lots of pictures in Tuscany. There’s so many beautiful views and wonderful sights, that you will want to be able to take some decent pictures. You may also want to bring a fairly large memory card as you will be constantly snapping away.

Smart clothing
Italians are known around the world for dressing well, so you will find that a lot of restaurants have a fairly smart dress code. You may want to brings some smart outfits for the evenings. However, there are some more laid back restaurants if you prefer to keep things casual.

Lightweight rain coat
Although the weather in the summer in Tuscany is glorious, there’s always the chance of the odd shower or storm. Take a lightweight rain coat with you, and you won’t get caught out in the rain, and can still go out exploring if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

If you plan on going to public swimming pools, keep in mind that in some places you have to wear a swimming hat! Also, sometimes men have to wear speedos. Therefore, you might want to bring a few different swimwear options.

Insect repellent
The mosquitos can be quite persistent in Tuscany, and you might get bitten if you go out in the evenings without insect repellent.

Don’t overpack
The chances are, when you are browsing the local shops and sampling mouth-watering wines, you might want to make a few purchases. So save some room in your suitcase so that you can bring the taste of Tuscany home and squeeze in some wine and olive oil. If you run out of room, there are some places that will deliver wine and olive oil to the UK.

Consider bringing your bike
If you love cycling, you will be very jealous if you go to Tuscany without your bike, and have to drive past lots of cyclists enjoying the amazing cycling routes. Although if you don’t bring your bike, there are lots of places where you can hire one.

First aid kit

It’s always handy to have some basic medical supplies. A first aid kit is a must if you're going out exploring a lot, or planning on doing lots of activities. If you don’t want to pack a whole kit throw in a few basic supplies such as plasters, antiseptic wipes and antihistamines. 

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