Unexpected Romantic Moments

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Unexpected Romantic Moments - When Tuscany Takes You By Surprise

Posted by Kiri (13/01/2017)

They say Tuscany is one of the most romantic places you can visit. Lots of newlyweds head out there on their honeymoon, exploring magical cities like Siena and Florence together. Before I went, I knew that it was going to be the perfect holiday for my partner and I, but it was the unexpected moments that really showed me Tuscany’s full potential for romance.

I had pictured romantic moments such as horseback riding through the Tuscan countryside, sitting and watching a famous Tuscan sunset together with Prosecco and strawberries, and maybe getting a cute selfie at the Leaning Tower of Pisa. In reality, none of those things happened, but the experiences and moments we shared were even better, and many came as a complete surprise.

Whatever you have pictured in your mind, when you get to Tuscany and experience it for yourself, it will exceed your expectations. I’m not a big romantic, so the subtlety of some of the moments we had was ideal. Here’s some unexpected romantic moments we shared on our recent trip to Tuscany.

Gazing at Siena from above
You can't help but gasp when you get to the top of the bell tower (Tower of Mangia) in Siena. Once at the top we just stood there together in awe, and picked out all the things we could see in the distance such as the mountains, little Tuscan houses, fields lined with trees, and the outskirts of the city.

A natural mud mask in the hot springs
This may not sound that romantic, but it’s a brilliant experience. Picture bathing in soothing, natural warm waters with your partner, and being surrounded by woodland.
The temperature of the water gets warmer the higher you are, so you can literally choose the perfect temperature. We grabbed some of the natural mud and covered ourselves in it, it’s naturally exfoliating and leaves your skin feeling soft. We also took a few selfies of us both covered in mud to capture the moment.

The walk home after wine tasting
We had a rather entertaining walk home after the epic wine tasting session at Casanova di Ama. To be fair it wasn’t really ‘tasting’ as we had about half a glass of each type of wine. If I’m honest, we were pretty tipsy on the walk home, but still managed to enjoy the stunning scenery. When we got back we had the best nap ever on the sun loungers as the sun was setting.

Wandering around San Gimignano in the rain
Again this doesn’t sound romantic, but it was. We didn’t let the rain dampen our spirits and it was actually quite refreshing. Everyone else had thought to bring umbrellas, and we forgot to bring ours from the apartment, so we braved the rain and got soaked together! It didn’t make San Gimignano any less beautiful (check out my video here).

Cycling around Lucca
I would say this was one of my favourite memories. It was one of the first things we did on our trip, so we were super excited to get out and begin exploring. We cycled round on the oldest bikes you have ever seen (kindly given to us by the budget hotel owner), and had great fun filming cycling round Lucca’s walls on the GoPro. Check out our video of Lucca here.

Watching a sunset on our balcony
We didn’t manage to capture any spectacular sunsets in and around Tuscany, as we just weren’t in the right place at the right time. However, it didn’t matter, because every evening we were gifted with a breathtaking sunset on the balcony of our private Tuscan villa. The first day we arrived we cracked open a bottle of Champers, took in our new picturesque surroundings and watched the sunset.

Wandering round Brolio Castle
I have visited a few Castles in France and throughout Europe, but I have to say, Brolio is probably one of the most impressive I have seen. The views surrounding the castle a simply phenomenal. We really enjoyed walking round the grounds together in the late afternoon.

Eating a home cooked meal by the fireplace
One evening we arrived home late and decided to stay in and enjoy the apartment. We ended up having a really lovely meal at the dinner table next to the fireplace. It was nice to cook fresh local ingredients together and have a chilled night in.

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