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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Honeymoon Hunting - The Best Places To Stay In Tuscany

Posted by Virginie (27/01/2017)

Deciding where to go on your honeymoon is an extremely tough decision. Your honeymoon should be a holiday of a lifetime, and be somewhere really special. Some of the key ingredients for a dream honeymoon include romance, unforgettable activities, relaxation and a beautiful setting. These are all things that Tuscany can provide, which is why you should consider booking a
honeymoon to Tuscany.

Once you have decided Tuscany is perfect for your honeymoon, the next thing you need to think about is exactly where you want to stay, as there’s a lot of choice! We have picked out a few stunning locations for romantic Tuscan honeymoons to help you with your decision. Here’s some of the top places to go on a honeymoon in Tuscany.

Florence is most certainly a city filled with romance, which is why it’s constantly mentioned as a potential honeymoon spot. If you want a romantic break mixed with some culture and a fine city to explore, then you will love Florence. Stay in a beautiful private villa just outside of the city, and uncover everything Florence has to offer.

Spend some time wandering round the city and admiring the intricate architecture, and visit some of the impressive galleries and museums. Try and head up to the Piazzale Michelangelo as the sun is going down for the most breathtaking sunset across the city. Florence also offers plenty of honeymoon-worthy restaurants where you can be wined and dined.

The Chianti region
The Chianti region provides a good base for a honeymoon in Tuscany. Why not stay in the heart of Tuscany’s famous wine producing region, in amongst the rolling hills and vineyards?

Towns such as Radda in Chianti and Greve in Chianti are excellent central places from which you can easily access everything. Radda In Chianti is only around 45 minutes from Siena, which gives you access to the stunning province of Siena. Here you can uncover hilltop towns, visit castles and go wine tasting at charming Tuscan farms.

Florence is a popular honeymoon spot, but don’t overlook its rival, Siena. Siena is a beautiful city with a lovely atmosphere. It certainly has a romantic feel to it, with the Medieval brick buildings,
The historic centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and when you see it you will understand why. The Piazza del Campo (main square) is very impressive, and a wonderful place to sit out in the sunshine with an ice cream and soak up the atmosphere. A visit to the top of the Torre del Mangia with provide you with astonishing views of the city and beyond.

You could spend a week in Lucca, or at least stop off there for a few days on your honeymoon. Cycle round the striking city walls, wander through the local shops and dine out at one of the many restaurants. Lucca is the kind of place that stays in your mind well after you leave, which is exactly what you want from a holiday destination. Lucca is also very close to Pisa, so you can grab a photo by the Leaning Tower and get to the airport easily.

Pienza started its life as a model Renaissance city, and it still holds traces of its rich past today. It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is considered to be a very romantic, picturesque city.

If you don’t end up staying in Pienza, it should be on your to do list, especially if you are staying near the Province of Siena. If the Renaissance architecture doesn’t impress you, then the romantic street names, Val d’Orcia hills, and the fact that it’s the capital of Pecorino cheese just might. There’s a street there called Via dell’Amore, ‘the street of love’. Zeffirelli filmed “Romeo and Juliet” here, which makes Pienza feel even more romantic.

Lastly, we have Cortona. Cortona is located in the Province of Arezzo, and was the setting for the best seller by Frances Mayes, ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’. Here you can enjoy spectacular views of the Trasimeno lake, admire the impressive stone walls, visit the Diocesan Museum and walk up to the Girifalco Fortress. Stay in a private Tuscan villa in Cortona with a view and enjoy a romantic, relaxed honeymoon exploring Tuscany.

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