Tips For Travelling To Tuscany In The Spring

Friday, November 11, 2016

Tips For Travelling To Tuscany In The Spring

Posted by Sonia (11/11/2016)

Spring is one of the best times to visit Tuscany, if you don’t mind the weather being slightly cooler. However, in April and May, temperatures can still rise to between 20 and 23 degrees. This is an ideal temperature for a lot of people, because it’s not too hot to go sightseeing and walking around.

It’s also less busy during this time, and prices are lower, so you can take advantage of some amazing deals. Spring in Tuscany is very beautiful, because the flowers are all starting to bloom. You will see sunflowers and poppies filling the fields and stunning floral displays in some cities.  If you are planning to travel to Tuscany this spring, here’s some helpful tips and advice:

Spring weather and climate in Tuscany
Overall, temperatures in spring can range between 8 and 20 degrees. April and May both have sunny and rainy days, but it’s obviously generally a lot warmer in May. Average highs in April are around 19 degrees, and in May they jump to around 21 degrees.

If you are going towards the end of March, prepare for it to be a lot cooler, with average temperatures sitting at 15 degrees. Be aware that it can get a little chilly at night time, average lows in March and April can be between 5 and 8 degrees, and in May temperatures can drop to 11 degrees.

What to wear in Tuscany in spring
What you will need to pack in your suitcase for your spring Tuscany trip depends on exactly when you are going. If you are going in March or April, make sure you pack some warm clothes for the cooler days.

You will definitely need a good jumper/jacket for the evenings, and a raincoat to keep you dry on rainy days. Bring lots of layers if you want to stay warm enough on chilly days and evenings. If you are going in May you will need to pack some lighter options including t-shirts and shorts, but still be prepared for a little rain and cool evenings. Here is a list of some of the things you may need to bring:
     Rain jacket
     Sun cream
     Swimming gear
     Clothes that are appropriate to wear in churches and religious buildings

Tuscany has some wonderful events in spring. You might want to plan your trip to coincide with an event. Experiencing one of these events can really add something special to your trip, and give you a chance to immerse yourself in the local culture.

Here are some of the main events in spring:
     Scoppio del Carro (“Explosion of the Cart”), Florence, 27th March.
     Torciata di San Giuseppe, Pitigliano, 19th March
     Gelato Festival, Florence, 30th April to 3rd May
     Sagra del Carciofo, near Asciano, Siena, 25th and 26th April
     Sagra della Fragola/Strawberry fair, Terricciola (Pisa), May 7-8
     Sagra dei Pici/Pici pasta festival, Celle sul Rigo (Siena), 29th-31st May
     Easter, Florence, Easter Sunday (lots of celebrations take place)

Things to do in Tuscany in spring
Spring is a wonderful time to visit Tuscany, because everyone is in good spirits as the warmer weather arrives, and all the flowers are in bloom, bringing vibrant colours to the Tuscan hills.

If you are wondering what to do in Tuscany during March, April and May, here’s some helpful ideas:
     Visit flowering fields, parks, national parks and botanical gardens, where you can really appreciate the flowers in bloom and take photos. Lucca, Pisa, Florence and Siena and many more towns and cities have stunning botanical gardens and parks.
     Go sightseeing as the weather is perfect and not too hot for wandering round the cities.
     Attend a spring event (perhaps one of the ones mentioned above).
     Visit the thermal baths (Saturnia is the most famous) and bathe in the warm waters. You can still do this if the weather isn’t very warm.
     Go on a culinary tour or cooking class and take advantage of the fresh spring seasonal ingredients. Lots of food festivals called ‘sagre’ take place in spring.

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