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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Got €40 million spare? You Can Buy An Entire Tuscan Village

Posted by Dympna (04/11/2016)

If money was no object, would you purchase an entire village in Tuscany? For some people, it would be a dream come true. Even if you don’t have 40 million euro lying around, it’s still fun to imagine what you might do with the land (click here for details).

The 800 year old abandoned village is located in Poggio Santa Cecilia, which is about 25 minutes from Siena. The noble Buoninsegni family owned the village from the 1500’s to the mid-20th century. The family lived in the main property and the estate employees who worked on the land lived in the surrounding houses. The village was abandoned in the 1960’s when the residents left to migrate to the cities in search of work.

 Even though the village was sold into private ownership, the houses remain untouched, many still have their original furniture. The village also has a medieval castle, 20 individual farmhouses, an underground cellar, vineyards, lakes, forests, orchards, olive groves, and even a church with a bell tower. The total land area is 700 hectares, and the current owners are adamant that the village will be sold as one lot, rather than individual houses.

The owners say ‘We first started buying the farmland surrounding Poggio Santa Cecilia with the intention of raising organic cattle. Though we never developed the village to its full potential, we have worked hard to maintain the property.’

You may be wondering why the current owners would want to get rid of this amazing little village. They feel that they are now too old to run the estate and want to see a new buyer take control of the agricultural business, and restore the village to its full potential.

The owner of the development firm marketing the property, Francesco Carlucci says the village ‘offers the chance to buy a real piece of Italian history.’ However, whoever does take on this village has their work cut out for them.

Although lots of the buildings still look fine from the outside, they still need a lot of work. A few of the houses are more like ruins, so need to be partially or completely restored. An expert has said that buyers should be aware that the cost of restoring the village could be about 200 million euros, which is no small investment.

What this little village needs is someone who has an infinite supply of money, and who will restore the village to its former glory. It’s clear that whoever takes this on will have to have a real passion and drive to get this village back to its best.
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