6 Reasons To Hire A Private Chef In Tuscany

Friday, October 14, 2016

6 Reasons To Hire A Private Chef In Tuscany

Posted by Ruth (14/10/2016)

Whilst in Tuscany, it’s worth considering hiring a private chef. If you want to do something really special, then why not have a talented chef cook you a mouth-watering Tuscan meal in the comfort of your private villa?

We know a selection of excellent private chefs in and around the region, and we’ve heard some great things from our guests about this amazing experience. You choose the dishes you want from their specific menu and they will tailor everything to your dietary requirements. Here are six reasons to hire a private chef in Tuscany.

1. Get a real taste of Tuscany
You can go to local restaurants and sample Tuscan delicacies while you are out and about, but that doesn’t come close to having your own private chef. You will get to experience real food and dishes prepared from scratch, by local culinary experts who have grown up in the region. Hiring a private chef is an excellent way to sample some of Tuscany’s best dishes and appreciate the local cuisine.

2. See how Tuscan food is cooked
When you hire a private chef, they come round to your private villa, and cook up an amazing meal right before your eyes. You can literally watch them cook some of the dishes and see the kind of preparation that goes into Tuscan meals. This is something you don’t get to witness in restaurants, and most chefs are happy to answer any questions you have about their methods.

3. Celebrate a special occasion
Celebrating a special occasion whilst you are in Tuscany? Perhaps a birthday or wedding anniversary, or you may even be planning on popping the question. Hiring a private chef is the perfect way to celebrate. Create a romantic atmosphere for two, or get a chef to cook for a small group of you.

4. Enjoy the perfect evening in after a long day
Sometimes after travelling around and doing lots of walking you don’t always fancy going out for dinner, or attempting to cook for yourself. Relax, put your feet up and let a private chef serve you dinner, you won’t have to lift a finger.

5. It’s an experience you will never forget
This is an experience that you will remember for a long time. It’s not every day that you get a professional Italian chef serving up a delicious home cooked meal. It’s a wonderful way to experience the delights of Tuscan food.

6. You deserve a treat
Hiring a private chef doesn’t cost too much more than a meal out. A lot of people assume that it would be extremely expensive, but there are different menus to choose from, many of which a very reasonably priced considering what you get. You deserve a treat, and hiring a private chef is a wonderful way to treat yourself.

Interested in booking a private chef? Click here to choose from a range of top quality Tuscan chefs that we have relationships with.

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