2010 Brunello Is A Big Hit

Friday, October 28, 2016

2010 Brunello Is A Big Hit

Posted by Mikolaj (28/10/2016)

Tuscan wine lovers will be pleased to know that the well-known Brunello is making waves in the wine world. Tuscany is highly respected worldwide for its wine production. Many people visit the region purely to sample the wines and go on wine tours in the beautiful vineyards.

Some of the best known wines from the region include Chianti and Brunello. Tuscany is celebrated particularly for the reds that are produced here, which are primarily made with the Sangiovese grape.

Brunello wine is one of the most expensive wines you can buy in Tuscany. Not long after appearing on the shelves around the world, Montalcino’s world famous Brunello wine is making a huge impact. Wine critics have been singing its praises, with plenty of experts giving the 2010 Brunello 100 out of 100.

One respected critic from America, James Suckling wrote:

‘The 2010 vintage is a new benchmark for Tuscany’s icon wine, producing reds with wonderful intensity, structure, and energy. I find the depth of fruit, flavour and savoury, almost mineral undertone of the wines spellbinding.’

One of the area’s highly regarded producers has claimed that the 2010 Brunello is the vintage of a lifetime. Suckling also went on to say:

‘I tasted close to 200 different Brunellos from the vintage and it was almost impossible to find one that was not outstanding quality. It is a tribute to the greatness of the vintage as well as the wonderful evolution in quality winemaking for the region.’

On your next trip to Tuscany, make sure you visit Montalcino and try some of this world class wine. However, you will need to be quick, because our sources have discovered that many of their favourite winemakers have already sold out of the 2010 Brunello. If however you do find some of this exceptional wine, experts recommend that you lay it down for a few years, and in time you will enjoy an unforgettable wine experience.

Here are some interesting facts about Brunello wine:
     The wine is named for the town of Montalcino.
     It’s a wine that needs to be aged (sometimes up to 20 years) and should be left for a good few hours to allow for aeration.
     It should be served at room temperature between 18 and 20 degrees.
     The wine must be made entirely from Sangiovese to attain the label; even the non-reserve wines must spend 2 years in the oak barrels. (source:http://www.yourwineiq.com/kindsofwine/redwine/sangiovese.html)
     The flavours you will find in Brunello include black cherry, black raspberry, blackberry, leather, violets and chocolate.
     It’s a full bodied, dry, warm, robust and harmonic wine.
     The first vintage of Brunello di Montalcino dates back to 1863, produced by Ferruccio Biondi-Santi
     Brunello di Montalcino should be served in crystal glasses, balloon shaped, in order to capture the complex and harmonious bouquet. (Source:http://www.tuscany-wine.com/brunello_di_montalcino_docg.htm)
     It tastes best with game, red meat, truffle dishes and cheese.

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