What’s It Like To Visit Tuscany In The Winter?

Thursday, August 11, 2016

What’s It Like To Visit Tuscany In The Winter?

Posted by Sonia (12/08/2016)

Most people assume the best time to visit Tuscany is in the spring and summer, however, there are many benefits to visiting in the winter. Travelling to Tuscany in the winter months will enable you to see a completely different side of this popular Italian region.

Everything slows down a little in the winter as the crowds disappear and the locals are more relaxed and friendlier. If you must have sunshine and hot weather when you go away, this is not the time to visit, but if you want to see Tuscan’s real character and see its sights from a completely different perspective, then book a winter trip. Here are just a few reasons why Tuscany is a wonderful place to visit in the winter.

It may be colder and rain a fair amount, but that won’t dampen your spirits. The quintessential Tuscan landscapes look completely different when touched by the cold. In autumn, there’s a vast array of colours and in winter frost and mist form a blanket over the fields. The Tuscan hills look refreshingly green and fog often hovers above the valleys.

Tuscan’s beautiful landmarks are simply stunning in the snow. If you are lucky enough to experience snow during your visit you will get to see things like the Leaning Tower of Pisa encased in snowflakes and cities such as Florence looking magical. Tuscany’s historic sites are very impressive and picture perfect when covered in white snow.

Tuscany is known for its natural thermal baths, particularly the ones in Saturnia. Experience bathing in these warm waters with the cool winter air on your face. The Viareggio coast can be appreciated in a different light in the winter on stormy days when the rough seas cascade onto the shore.

Many people are unaware that you can actually go skiing in Tuscany, it’s very mountainous and there’s plenty of snow in the winter. You can go skiing in the
resorts such as Abetone, Monte Amiata and Cutigliano. Or, if you fancy a challenge, go trekking and hiking in the mountains and Tuscan countryside.

During the festive seasons the villages and towns are filled with decorations and Christmas lights. Siena hosts spectacular Christmas concerts, Pienza puts on the annual panforte tossing contest and Florence is a great place to spend New Year’s Eve.

During winter, some people feel Italian food is at its best. What better time of year to enjoy a warming glass of red wine with a hearty Italian meal? In winter the Italians cook dishes such as wild boar stew and lots of very fresh meat dishes because this time of year is hunting season.

Olive are also harvested in November and have a distinctive spicy, green flavour soon after being made into oil. The sheep have fresh grass to eat in the winter instead of hay, which makes the Pecorino cheese creamier.

Other benefits to going in the winter are that accommodation is cheaper and things aren’t as busy. You probably won’t have to reserve a table or book tourist attractions as far in advance, and you won’t be waiting in long queues. Take advantage of bargains from the 7th of January when many of the shops go on sale.

In winter you can cosy up in your gorgeous private Italian villa. Hire a private chef to cook a meal in your villa and sit by the fire with a glass of delicious Tuscan wine. A sense of calm settles over Tuscany in the winter, and many locals would say it is a wonderful time to visit. Book a last minute trip to Tuscany this winter, or plan a festive trip for winter 2016.

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