How The Laid Back Tuscan Lifestyle Teaches You A Few Life Lessons

Friday, August 26, 2016

How The Laid Back Tuscan Lifestyle Teaches You A Few Life Lessons

Posted by Kiri (26/08/2016)

Tuscany has really made its mark on me. Every time I think back to our holiday there, a feeling of calm runs through me. Why? You will have to visit Tuscany to really understand, but it just generally feels like a place where time stops, and the laid back way of life and tranquility of the countryside leaves you feeling at peace.

While we were there it was like we were in a dream world, with all of our favourite things (delicious hearty food, red wine and spectacular scenery). Tuscan really does change you, and it opens your eyes to a slow paced way of life that’s easy to get sucked into. I’m not saying Tuscany will change your life, but it will definitely teach you a few life lessons, such as...

Being outdoors nourishes your soul
Visiting Tuscany is about being outdoors, breathing in the fresh countryside air and opening your eyes to the beauty and nature around you. With out nine to five office jobs, many of us simply don’t spend enough time in the great outdoors.

Whether you are climbing bell towers, trekking through the countryside, cycling on Tuscany’s winding roads or uncovering medieval castles, some time outside in Tuscany will do you a lot of good.

It’s refreshing to embrace a slow pace of life
Tuscany teaches you to live in the moment. We stayed in a very quiet location right in the heart of the Chianti hills. I think I first started to relax and get in the moment when I was on my balcony, and all I could hear were the sounds of nature. The sheer beauty of the region makes you slow down and take notice of the magical scenery.

You will also see that the local people are very relaxed and have settled into a slow pace of life. This is infectious, and you can’t help but immediately feel at ease as you settle into their way of life.

Food should be savoured
In Tuscany food isn’t a necessity, it’s an experience. Food is a central part of daily life, and a lot of passion goes into Tuscan food. Meals are eaten at a slow pace and every flavour is savoured. When you return from Tuscany you will have a new appreciation for food, especially Italian food.

Hard work pays off
Whilst we were at a farm wine tasting, the owner was explaining to us about how the people in Tuscany view work. She said her family work hard to keep things going, but they also know how to have fun, and put so much passion into their work.

Between the family, they run a very successful local farm and wine tasting venue, Casanuovadi Ama. It’s the same throughout the region, the people work really hard, but they also appreciate the value of happiness and doing something you love.

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