Food and Drink Events & Festivals in Tuscany

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Top Food and Drink Events & Festivals in Tuscany
Posted by Sonia (01/07/2016)

Located in central Italy and covering almost 9,000 square miles, stretched from the Apennines to the Tyrrhenian Sea you’ll find Tuscany, one of Italy’s most prized foodie regions from Pisa to Siena and Florence.
Known for its history, landscapes and architecture, Tuscany has become known around the globe for its artistic and edible legacy. This rich tapestry of edible history is rustic and simple at its core and rooted in the seasonality and traditional methods of the region.
While exploring this foodie’s haven, you’ll struggle to avoid sampling crostini and fennel salami; mains such as bistecca fiorentina and fish stew, as well as the irresistibly creamy flavours of chestnut cake or castagnaccio and cantuccini. While you’re enjoying these make sure you take a moment to sample Italy’s finest,
Tuscany produces some of the world’s most famous wines including Chianti and Brunello di Montalcino but don’t forget a sip of Vin Sinto, a sweet wine that is best served with catucci/biscotti.
There’s so much to experience in this region that it can be a little overwhelming when planning a gastronomic trip. The simplest plan of attack is to pick a few key foodie festivals or sagre you’d like to experience, where you’ll be able to take in a wide variety of different flavours and then explore the surrounding areas, our top picks are:

Bravio delle Botte, Montipulciano
This annual event takes place in the medieval city of Montepulciano. The festival is based on the traditional method of moving wine of the Montipulciano region and is an exciting competition between 8 different districts of the region. Each team has to roll a botte (wooden barrel of wine) uphill for about 1000 meters to the finish line where they ‘capture’ the flag before enjoying traditional produce from the region.

National White Truffle Festival, San Miniato
Taking place on Saturdays and Sundays in November, this mid-region town celebrates the humble, perfumed white truffle. The festival takes the shape of a heaving town market where you can sample and buy as much local produce as you can carry and more.
 You’ll be able to sample and buy everything from extra virgin olive oil, honey, pecorino, chocolate, focaccia, pickles, cakes and so much more. Have a through brows and sample of the white truffle products including oils and pastes and then pop off to a local eatery for a simple pasta dish cooked with truffle oil and fresh mushrooms.

Fest’ all’Olio, Vitolini
A tradition of the Florentine Autumn, the Fest’ all’Olio takes place in November every year in celebration, as you can probably guess, of locally produced olive oil. Most local restaurants have speciality menus in celebration and there’s a wealth of opportunities to take a tour around the local area to learn more about the region and its produce including olives and chestnuts.
 They also hold a celebratory market where you can sample Florentine products. Perhaps you could even compare the flavours to products from one of your previous visits.

If you want to know more about any of these events, or you’d like to find other events to immerse yourself in Italian culture visit the Italian Tourist Office official website –

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