My Top Ten Moments In Tuscany

Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Top Ten Moments In Tuscany

Posted by Kiti (27/05/2016)

Choosing my favourite moments from Tuscany is like finding a needle in a haystack. There’s so many magical memories floating around in my head that it seems impossible to pick out a top ten.

We had the type of holiday that is going to stay with us forever. My partner said it was one of the best holidays he’s been on, and I can understand why. We shared so many wonderful moments and Tuscany had absolutely everything we wanted from a holiday destination, stunning views, irresistible food, plenty of interesting things to do, and of course, lots of top quality wine.

So here goes, these are my top ten moments from our recent trip to Tuscany.

1.    Eating pappardelle pasta at Malborgetto in Lecchi
I think my favourite dish was the pappardelle pasta dish I ate at the local restaurant in Lecchi. We enjoyed our meal so much we went back there twice. I also really liked the Tuscan soup (Ribollita), panna cotta and pumpkin soup. The pasta was made with a rich wild boar sauce and it was just so tasty, I have been dreaming about eating it again ever since.

2.    Seeing Florence in all its glory from the Piazzale Michelangelo
Another amazing moment was when we climbed the steps up to the Piazzale Michelangelo and gazed upon impressive views of the city. If you visit Florence you have to walk to this fabulous viewpoint, it’s the best place to take photos.

3.    Sipping champagne on our villa balcony
A simple yet very satisfying moment was simply arriving at our gorgeous private villa and taking in the views from the balcony whilst sipping on champagne. It was the perfect way to start our holiday.

4.    Bathing in the natural thermal waters at San Filippo
One of the highlights of our trip had to be when we took a dip in the soothing, warm waters of the natural springs. These thermal waters are located right in the middle of the woods, so it really feels like you are surrounded by nature.

5.    Climbing the Tower of Mangia in Siena
To get the best views of Siena, head up to the top of the Tower of Mangia. It’s quite a climb to the top but it’s worth it. Half way up you get to see views of Siena’s medieval square, which looks even  cooler from above. Then at the top you can see panoramic views of the entire city and surrounding countryside.

6.    Wine tasting at Casanuova di Ama
We couldn’t go to Tuscany without going wine tasting, and Casanuova di Ama came highly recommended. We tried size or seven different wines which were accompanied by a wonderful feast that the host prepared. This would definitely be in my top three experiences, I can’t wait to do it again.

7.    Enjoying a meal cooked by a private Tuscan chef
We decided to treat yourself and splash out on a private Tuscan chef (which isn’t actually that expensive), and boy was it worth it. Andrea came to our villa and cooked the most incredible meal. It’s an experience I will never forget.

8.    Walking around Brolio Castle
I was absolutely stunned by the panoramic views around Brolio castle, and impressed by the grandeur of the building. Of all the amazing views we saw on our trip, Brolio Castle would probably top the list.

9.    Tasting the ice cream at Castellina in Chianti
If you love ice cream make sure you stop by the new ice cream shop in Castellina in Chianti. I have never tasted ice cream this good, which is probably why my mouth is watering as I type. Pure heaven.

10. Cycling around Lucca
I really enjoyed cycling around Lucca’s walls. It was so relaxing cycling around the outside of the city and watching all the locals going on their daily stroll. I was able to look to my right and see an insight into the city and to my left there were views of the mountains.

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