My Favourite Tuscan Dishes & Delicacies

Friday, May 20, 2016

My Favourite Tuscan Dishes & Delicacies

Posted by Kiri (20/05/2016)

When I look back on our recent trip to Tuscany, one thing that really sticks in my mind is the food. The food alone is a good enough reason to book a trip to this beautiful Italian region. The cuisine here rivals the rest of the country, and many feel it offers some of the best food in Italy. Tuscan food is very distinctive. It’s simple and homely, yet full of flavour.

They don’t mess around with fussy ingredients and complicated sauces, it’s all about fresh local ingredients. The Tuscan people are lucky because they are able to produce extremely high quality, locally grown ingredients, which means everything is really fresh and tastes amazing.

 It’s not all pizza and pasta, although we did indulge in a few few pasta and pizza dishes during our stay. There were a few dishes I didn’t get to try that I will hunt down on my next trip including the T-Bone Fiorentina steak and Panzanella. However, we did get to have some mouth-watering food during our trip. Here are some of my favourite foods and dishes.

Pecorino cheese
This is a hard, salty cheese made from sheep’s milk.

Pappardelle pasta (with wild boar sauce)
A thick pasta that is served throughout Tuscany. We tried it with a boar sauce and also a beef sauce, both of which were very tasty. I think this was my favourite dish, the best one we had was at a local restaurant in Lecchi in Chianti called Malborghetto.

Traditional Tuscan starter
This consists of Pecorino cheese, Tuscan ham and bruschetta.

Sausage, mozzarella and spinach pizza
This pizza doesn’t have any tomato sauce, but the spinach and spicy sausage combo works perfectly.

Fresh fish selection
We were recommended this place in Lucca by the hotel manager. You choose from a huge selection of fish and also get a glass of wine all for 10 euros.

Meatballs, aubergine and vegetable buffet
This was excellent value at 8 euros for an all you can eat buffet and a glass of water. I’m obsessed with aubergines, so obviously it was heaven for me. The meatballs were so tasty. We ate this at a small restaurant on the way up to the Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence.

Traditional Tuscan soup (Ribollita)
This soup doesn’t look that appealing, but what it doesn’t have in looks it makes up in flavour. It’s a local favourite made with carrots, onion, leek, cauliflower, savoy cabbage, cabbage, cannellini beans, black cabbage, tomatoes, oil, wine and stale bread.

Panna cotta
A delicious light, sweet dessert.

Olive oil from Casanuova di Ama
The olive oil we tasted at Casanuova di Ama was the best I have ever tasted.

Spinach with olive oil and garlic
A very simple side dish that’s very moorish and full of goodness.

Chicken in Chianti wine
This was the main dish the private chef served up for us. It’s made with chicken, carrots, onions and tomatoes in a red wine sauce.

Warm chicken liver and veal spleen pate
We were served this during the wine tasting and it was full of flavour.

Tuscan ice cream

Obviously the Tuscan ice cream is amazing, especially the ice cream from the new shop in Castellina in Chianti, which came highly recommended. 

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