What Makes Tuscan Wine So Special?

Friday, March 4, 2016

What Makes Tuscan Wine So Special?

Posted by Dympna (04/03/2016)

When you think of Tuscany, one of the first things you think of is wine. It’s the most famous region in the country for wine production. The area is breathtakingly beautiful, and the vineyards are most certainly a key part of the land and spirit of Tuscany.

But what makes Tuscan wine so special? Why has Tuscany got such a fantastic reputation for producing top class wines? Here are some of the reasons why this part of Italy has earned its prestigious title of being a world famous wine region.

The climate and terrain is just right
The warm mediterranean climate contributes to the success of wine production in Tuscany. The rolling hills filled with endless vineyards are ideal for growing grapes, especially the Sangiovese red grape. The land here has become famous for its beauty, and also for the wines that it produces.

The reason why Tuscan wine is so special is excellently described by Italian Wine Expert Giacomo Tachis, ‘Here there is light, the sun. Radiant sunlight and the right soil are the soul of wine. But the tradition of the countryside and the memory of men are the solid bases of the extraordinary Tuscan wine culture.’

The standards are high
Visitors have high expectations when it comes to Tuscan wine, thanks to its strong reputation. A lot of the wines here have DOC/DOCG status, which is a quality assurance label that makes sure the wines hit certain standards and also meet specific requirements.

Wines have to be made using set methods and also within a specific region in order to hold DOC/DOCG status. This region produces the third highest volume of DOC/G wines in Italy.

Tuscan wines have a long history
Tuscan wine has a long history, which can be traced as far back as the fifth century BC.
Wines have been perfected over thousands of year to produce the world renowned wines of today. Wine growing has been a big part of Tuscan civilization and everyday life for nearly three millenniums.

Quality over quantity
The focus in Tuscany when it comes to wine is quality over quantity. It’s not be biggest wine producing region in the world, but that doesn’t make it any less famous. The soil in Tuscany isn’t the best, so wine producers try to focus on low yields of higher quality rather attempting to produce higher volumes of average wine.

Some of the best reds in the world
Tuscany produces all sorts of different wines including whites, reds and sparkling wines but it is best known for producing world class reds. More than 80% of the wine produced here is red.

Most of the reds in the region are made from the Sangiovese grape, which thrives in the direct sunlight of the hillside vineyards in particular. Chianti is by far the most famous wine from Tuscany almost half of the wine from the region is from Chianti.

The beauty of where they are grown
Finally, one of the main things that makes Tuscan wine so special is the region where it is made. Tuscany is so stunningly beautiful and there is a romance about the setting and drinking wine here. When you take a sip of a wine you know has been home grown in Tuscany, you can’t help but imagine the picturesque rolling hills and lush countryside where it was made.

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