5 ways to cycle in the Chianti

Thursday, March 17, 2016

5 ways to cycle in the Chianti

Posted by Sonia (18/03/2016)

Tuscany and especially the Chianti area is a fantastic place to cycle. The area is filled with roads, paved and unpaved, paths and hidden tracks that provide cyclists with an excellent way to discover Chianti and it's treasures from spectacular views to hidden castles and estates all surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and pretty forests.
There are five main ways to discover the Chianti by bicycle. These are mountain bike, hybrid bike, road bike, vintage bike and electric bike or scooter. An excellent base to discover the heart of the Chianti by bike is from Lecchi in Chianti.

Road bike
A fantastic way to discover the area is to bike the paved roads of the Chianti which will take cyclists from one hilltop stone town to another, passing wine estates and castles. The only advice we provide is that care is taken as the roads tend to be narrow and windy
A full range of bicycles is available from the many bike hire shops available in and around the Chianti area. Most will also deliver the bikes to your villa. A company based in Lecchi in Chianti is inGamba who offer professional road bikes and service, their website is http://ingamba.pro/

Mountain bike
The Chianti has many paths ideal for mountain biking from the relatively simple to advanced level. Departing from Lecchi there is a wide choice although not much for the beginner due to the hilly landscape typical of the Chianti. When in Lecchi have a chat with the bar/café owner, Paolo, who is a local mountain biker and can give you some pointers.
Mountain bikes can be easily rented and delivered to your villa my many companies that work in and around the Chianti area. Gaudenzi at Centro Bici Valdarno (Tel: +39 055 980805) rents them at 20 Euro per day however they only speak Italian.

Hybrid bike
This is an excellent choice when wanting to do both paved and unpaved roads. There are many unpaved 'white' roads in the Chianti area to be explored or which just bring a cyclist from one pretty off the main road village to another.
These bikes can be provided by most bike shops, a local one in Gaiole in Chianti is Tuscany scooter rental, their website is www.to-tuscany.com/travel-guide/things-to-do/sports-activities-in-tuscany/chianti-by-bicycle/

Vintage bike
In the Chianti, once a year is the famous Eroica event, which is a vintage cycling event. Have a look at our information here about the event. Thanks to this event the entire route is permanently signed for cyclists to enjoy year round and many bike hire places can offer vintage bike rental, one company that provides them and can deliver is Gippo bike, their website is www.white-roads.com/

Electric bike / Scooter hire
For the less fit but those who still wish to enjoy the Chianti on two wheels, which is one of the best ways to soak up all it can offer.
An electric bike can be rented from DF bike which is a shop in Siena which can also deliver the bikes. Their website is www.dfbike.it/bike-rental/
Scooters can be rented from Tuscany scooter rental which is based in Gaiole in Chianti. Their website is www.to-tuscany.com/travel-guide/things-to-do/sports-activities-in-tuscany/chianti-by-bicycle/

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