Top Honeymoon Activities In Tuscany

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Top Honeymoon Activities In Tuscany

Posted by Virginie (19/02/2016)

Tuscany is an excellent choice for your honeymoon. The region is filled with romance and stunning scenery, creating the perfect backdrop for a dream honeymoon. The landscape is absolutely breathtaking, and there are lots of activities for loved up newlyweds to enjoy.

With rolling hills, lush countryside, impressive cities and charming medieval towns to visit, you will be spoilt for choice in Tuscany. The hardest part won’t be deciding to book your honeymoon in Tuscany, it will choosing from the endless romantic activities on offer throughout the region. To help you decide, here are some top honeymoon activities in Tuscany.

Wine tasting
You can't go to Tuscany without going wine tasting. The region is famous for its wine, and produces world class wines such as Chianti. Go on a wine tour where you can learn about the history of the wines and taste a few different wines from the region. You will also get to visit several wineries set in stunning countryside.

Horseback riding
Horseback riding is an extremely special and romantic activity for couples, especially in such a beautiful location like Tuscany. Go horseback riding along the beach or through the countryside and enjoy a romantic ride with some jaw dropping views.

Visit a castle
Tuscany is full of impressive castles that are full of history and authenticity. You should definitely visit a castle or two on your honeymoon in Tuscany. You could even book to stay in a castle overnight and treat yourself to a romantic dinner.

Bathe in the hot springs
Some people don’t know that Tuscany is also home to some natural hot springs and has plenty of spas. Every honeymoon should incorporate some time to unwind, and a Tuscan spa is the perfect place to be pampered with your new spouse. Head to Saturnia, a famous spa town in Tuscany where you can bathe in the hot springs and by waterfalls.

Hot air balloon ride
There’s nothing more romantic than a hot air balloon ride in Tuscany. It’s the best way to take in the gorgeous scenery and see the region from a different perspective. Take a bottle of champagne up with you and enjoy this once in a lifetime experience with your partner.

Tuscan cooking class
Cooking and eating delicious food can really inspire romance and is a fantastic honeymoon activity for you and your partner. There are many cooking classes on offer throughout Tuscany, especially in the cities such as Florence and Pisa. You can also go on a food tour where they take you to the local market to select your ingredients and you visit some of the local food shops.

Ride in a horse drawn carriage
Book a ride in a horse drawn carriage and enjoy a really special experience on your honeymoon. You can go on a ride on a horse drawn carriage through San Rossore, a nature park in Pisa. Other places in the region where you can also ride in a horse drawn carriage include Florence and Lucca.

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