What wildlife can you expect to see on your Tuscan holiday?

Thursday, December 17, 2015

What wildlife can you expect to see on your Tuscan holiday?
Posted by Ruth (18/12/2015)

Whether you’re going to Tuscany for the rolling hills and mountains, olive groves and vineyards or rocky coastline, you’re sure to witness some rich and varied wildlife. Tuscany has always attracted visitors for its beautiful scenery, yet its flora and fauna are often forgotten until you see it for yourself. Before you go on a Tuscan holiday, it’s worth researching and finding the best spots for viewing the wildlife so here are a few pointers.

Tuscany’s mountains provide a glorious backdrop to any picturesque view, as well as great fun for walking and hiking. To make the most out of the mountainous terrain, visiting one of the highest points in the area such as the Garfagnana region is well worth doing. Situated between the Apuan Alps and the Appennines, Garfagnana is home to the largest Italian National Park which stretches over 50km. Wolves, golden eagles, eagle owls, mouflon mountainous sheep and boars are to be spotted here.

The coastline of Tuscany is popular for its fine, sandy beaches. However, if you’d rather get off the beaten track, the small island of Capraia offers unspoilt coves and clear waters with an abundance of marine wildlife. Other creatures to be seen include gulls, migratory birds and even the occasional visit from whales and dolphins. The large dark butterfly, named the Foxy Emperor, is often found amongst the flora on the rocky coastline.

Vineyards and farms
Tuscany is most renowned for its relaxing countryside, rolling vineyards and Mediterranean olive groves. You won’t have to walk far to see the wildlife around the outside of any sleepy village. Foxes, deer, sheep, mouflon, hares, porcupines, stone martens and weasels are to be seen amongst the woods and forests.

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