Top 5 Flight Essentials

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Top 5 Flight Essentials

Posted by Dympna (04/12/2015)

When you’re travelling to Tuscany, you want to be reassured you’ll have a comfy flight. A typical flight journey will take roughly 2 hours from the UK so we’ve come up with some flight essentials that will help make the journey fly by.

The number 1 flight essential has to be a good book, wherever you’re travelling to. Make sure your book of choice isn’t too heavy as you’ll have to be carrying it around with you at the airport, before you board the flight. Or if your book is on the larger side, why not invest in a kindle? Kindles are fast becoming a handbag staple as they’re lightweight and practical.

If you’re a regular flyer, you’ll be aware of the ear popping situation when taking off and landing. This can be slightly uncomfortable if you’re not expecting it but easily avoided with some sucking sweets. Plus, you’ll have a tasty treat for the flight.

Head and Neck Pillow
When preparing for an overnight flight, remember your pillow. You can get small fold up ones to take up minimal room in your hand luggage and they can be a life saver if you’re after some shut eye.

Comfy Clothes
If you’re planning on taking an early flight, or flying in the middle of the night, then make sure that you take some comfy clothes so that you can nap on while flying. Remember that though you may feel hot in the airport, your plane will definitely have the air con on, so packing a jumper is a must.

Lastly, you’ll want some headphones and music with you. An iPod or music player come in really handy if you’re too tired to read, but can’t sleep, and may just help you drift off. Headphones also prove useful to drown out any particularly loud passengers!

You are now prepared to board your flight. If you’re looking for somewhere to stay after you land in Tuscany, then look at our selection of Tuscan villas. We have a variety of villas near to the airport or further afield, to cater to any family. 

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