Tuscan Honeymoon

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Tuscan Honeymoon

Posted by Virginie (20/11/2015)
Honeymooning in Tuscany is a chance to see some amazing culture and soak up the romantic atmosphere of the region, all while spending some much earnt alone time together as newlyweds. When honeymooning, you may simply want to stay at your luxury villa and relax, but if you do feel like exploring there is a wealth of romantic locations in Tuscany.
Hiring a car and exploring the local area surrounding your villa will be sure to find your some picturesque landscapes that are perfect for photo opportunities and gentle walks, but if you want to plan some real sightseeing into your trip, you may want to consider the following.

Watch the Sunset/Sunrise in Pisa
If staying near Pisa it is worth staying out late, or getting up early and visiting the Leaning Tower to watch the sunset or sunrise. You’ll find that the Piazza del Duomo is quieter then than during the middle of the day, so you can really soak up the atmosphere and take in the beauty of these world famous pieces of architecture.
Combining this experience with going for breakfast or making dinner plans means that you can experience the cuisine that Pisa has to offer.
It is also worth visiting the complex during the building’s opening times, as you can climb the Tower for breathtaking views of the city, and see the spectacular interior of the Duomo.

Head to the Beach – or Spa!
Tuscany’s coast has plenty of amazing beaches that newlyweds can relax on. With many private beaches you can almost guarantee luxury with sun loungers and some wonderful bars. If looking for a pampering experience, then head to one of the natural spas Tuscany is known for. There’s a range of thermal spas that are perfect for unwinding while on honeymoon. Head to The Saturnia for an amazing experience.

Visit a Botanical Garden
Taking a trip to a botanical garden during your Tuscan honeymoon can be a beautiful way to escape the crowds. With plenty of green space available throughout most communes.
The Orto Botanico dell'Universit√† di Siena is a university botanical garden and is open throughout the year. Located inside Siena’s city, you can visit the gardens for free and escape the often busy centre of Siena and explore a wonderful range of plants.

If you’re planning your honeymoon and want a truly relaxing escape, then take a look at our selection of romantic Tuscany villas on our website.

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