Visiting Pietransanta

Friday, October 23, 2015

Visiting Pietransanta

Posted by Mikolaj (23/10/2015)

Renowned as a hub of artistic creativity, those taking a holiday in Tuscany may want to consider visiting Pietransanta. Situated 3km from the coast, 32km north of Pisa, and lying at the foothills of Apuan Alps, the comune is easy to access by car or train and offers plenty to do and see.

Bozzetti Museum
Follow the creative process from start to finish at the Bozzetti Museum. Filled with examples of how sculptures are developed and made, it is a treat for lovers of art history and theory, as well as newcomers to the artistic world. The museum is based in the 16th century former convent S. Agostino, is free to visit, and is open throughout the year.
The museum includes a park filled with contemporary sculptures by international artists that show how much sculpture has progressed and evolved since the times of Michelangelo.

Piazza Duomo
This Piazza is home to Pietransanta’s Duomo and a number of small caf├ęs that are perfect for relaxing with a coffee and a light bite. Visit the church of S. Agostino to see an inspiring church that has a beautiful stained glass window, a marble pulpit, and frescoes.
The piazza also frequently showcases contemporary sculpture so expect to see unique artwork throughout your visit.

Marina di Pietrasanta
Just 3km from Pietrasanta is a coastline of golden sands. The beach’s beauty has given it the reputation of one of Italy’s best beaches and it is a great location for an afternoon of fun in the sun. Go to a private beach and pay for the luxury of using sun loungers, restaurants, and their other facilities.

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