Where to shop in Florence

Friday, July 17, 2015

Where to shop in Florence

Posted by Sonia (17/07/15)

Florence is not only home to magnificent artworks, history, and architecture but also houses some of the best shopping opportunities Tuscany has to offer. From high-end fashion brands, to picking up souvenirs from market stalls, there are plenty of local boutiques and gift shops to stumble upon in the city. Here’s our pick of where to shop while in Florence.

The traditional market
Tuscan cities are ideal for traditional market experiences, with Florence having countless markets to offer its visitors. Head to Porcellino market (Loggia del Porcellino) for a small but bustling market experience, where you can buy leather goods, scarves, and tourist trinkets. Here, you can also see a bronze copy of a statue by Pietro Tacca of a wild boar. Tradition has it that rubbing the nose of the boar will bring good luck. Those inspired by the statue can also plan a visit to the Palazzo Pitti to see the original marble sculpture.

For a larger market in Florence, head to San Lorenzo Market, which is just a few streets from the Duomo.

Looking for Luxe? Head to The Mall
For high-end designer goods and serious shopping sprees, heading to The Mall is a must. The clothing sold here definitely won’t suit every budget, with Italian brands like Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Valentino, and Fendi all having outlet shops there. Open throughout the week, the modern shopping centre is welcoming to tourists and has multilingual information points, and at just 30 minutes from Florence, is fairly easy to get to.

If you feel like visiting The Mall to purchase luxury Italian goods, you can get directions and opening hours from their website.

Beautiful Jewellery
Another great shopping location that combines sightseeing and shopping is Florence’s Ponte Vecchio. Probably the most famous bridge in Italy, the Ponte Vecchio was originally home to butcher’s shops, but is now home to a range of jewellery shops, specialising in gold pieces and souvenirs.

Here, you can purchase pendants that replicate Michelangelo’s David, the city’s coat of arms, and ancient coins, which make for a tasteful reminder of your trip to Tuscany. Shops also sell more valuable gold and silver goods, so there really is something for everyone at the Ponte Vecchio.

The Department Store
For a more budget-friendly shopping experience, you may want to head to Coin. The Italian department store has a mix of branded goods, including Italian fashion labels and beauty products. Alternatively, you could visit La Rinascente, which is small distance from Coin and not far from the Porcellino market either.

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