What to Wear on your Holiday in Tuscany

Thursday, July 9, 2015

What to Wear on your Holiday in Tuscany

Posted by Dympna Docherty (10/07/2015)

Tuscany has always been a stylish place to holiday, as like the rest of Italy, there is a culture for finely crafted clothes and elegant Italian style. Those who are planning a trip to the cultural hotspot of Tuscany are likely to be interested in what to wear during their break and whether there are any style faux pas to avoid.

Be Prepared
Tuscany during the summer sees dry weather and hot days, but there can be the occasional bursts of stormy weather and heavy rain. Stay dry and cool by packing a lightweight waterproof coat.
If you know that you’re going to spend a lot of time walking around the beautiful Tuscan countryside, or will be heading into city and commune centre to view the beautiful architecture, then be sure to wear sensible shoes. Sturdy footwear will mean that you can view Tuscany in comfort and won’t be spending your evenings tending to your blistered feet rather than dining out or watching the sunset.

Layer Clothing
It is a good idea for women and girls to pack some lightweight cardigans and a few pashminas and carry them with you whilst out and about. Should you decide you want to view a church or religious relic, which is highly likely, then you will find yourself getting turned away if your shoulders are bare and your hemline falls above the knee. Temporarily cover up with a cardigan and a scarf or sarong tied around your waist so that you can view the beauty of Tuscan church interiors. The same rules apply for men, so avoid wearing vests and short shorts whilst sightseeing. Instead, opt for a t-shirt and longer shorts, or trousers.

Swimwear Etiquette
Much like the rest of Europe, Italian public swimming pools sometimes have particular rules about what swimwear you have to wear. Some only allow you to swim if you are wearing a swimming cap, and men can be required to wear speedos if wanting to use the pool. Although this isn’t a strict rule like in France where speedos are required in all public swimming pools, it is best to be prepared and take a range of swimwear.

Evening Wear
While there isn’t technically a strict dress code for dining out, if you want to go out for a fancy evening meal, then it is best to dress well. Avoid shorts and t-shirts and instead wear summer dresses, chinos or linen trousers with a smart shirt when eating out in the evening. Heels, smart shoes, jewellery, and other accessories can and should be used to spice up an outfit you’d usually wear during the day.

If you don’t fancy ‘dressing up’ then do not worry, you’ll find plenty of restaurants that are more than happy to seat those dressed more casually, particularly in areas that are visited by many tourists.

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