8 things to do and see with the children in Tuscany

Friday, July 24, 2015

8 things to do and see with the children in Tuscany

Posted by Ruth (24/07/2015)
Planning a family holiday to Tuscany means trying to balance sightseeing, relaxation, and keeping the kids entertained. Though you may be eager to spend hours gazing at Botticelli’s artwork or visiting every city’s Duomo, your children may need something else to keep them amused. Avoid tantrums and boredom by doing some of the following during your Tuscany trip.

See the Dinosaurs at Parco Preistorico
With 2015 seeing the release of the blockbuster film Jurassic World, it’s likely that parents are going to be toting children obsessed with prehistoric creatures. If your children can’t stop talking about dinos, then a trip to Parco Preistorico is perfect.
Created by landowner Erado Ghironi after he discovered fossils onsite, the park is an educational space that allows children to engage with their imagination and nature.
For more information, click here.

Leonardo Da Vinci Museum in Florence
Children will love the interactive exhibitions in the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum in Florence. The informative and fun museum looks into Da Vinci’s inventions and his life. With special focus on his ‘flying machines’, children are likely to be inspired to come up with their own inventions and even attempt creating their own artworks. 
Alternatively, you could head to Vinci, near the birthplace of Leonardo, where there is another museum.

Pinocchio Park
Celebrate one of the greatest characters of all time by visiting Pinocchio Park, which has sculptures based on the artwork in the original book The Adventures of Pinocchio by Florentine writer Carlo Collodi. Whether you and your family have read and loved the book, or whether you regularly enjoy the Disney adaption, the park provides an excellent way to get outside and play while in Tuscany.
Find out more about the park here.

Pistoia Zoo
A day at the zoo is always a great day out wherever you are. At Pistoia Zoo, visitors can expect to see a huge variety of animals, and partake in a range of activities. With cafes and restaurants, along with a gift shop onsite, families should plan to spend the whole day at the zoo, rather than just a few hours.
You can visit the zoo’s website here for further information.

Ice Cream Tasting
Gelato is a big deal in Tuscany, and you’ll never be far from an ice cream shops. One of the best things about the many shops dotted around is that Italian gelato comes in a huge variety of flavours, from traditional pistachio, to modern bubble gum, and most flavours are delicious.
A simple way to keep children enthusiastic and cool during a day of sightseeing in the Tuscan heat is by planning ice cream tastings around your sightseeing. Share small tubs of ice cream in different flavours throughout the day to find out which flavour is your favourite, and to keep children entertained. 

Use Mus.e and visit Palazzo Vecchio
Before choosing which museums and galleries to visit with your children, check out Mus.e Firenze’s website. They organise special tours to help adults and children engage with the art and history of the city. Their website shows how they can create an exciting museum experience, including a Turtle Kit that includes some fantastic activities.
To find out more about their events, email info@muse.comune.fi.it

Play in the Pool
Planning a day or two spent playing and relaxing in your Tuscan villa is always a good idea when on holiday. Boredom on rest days can easily be avoided by making sure that your holiday accommodation has a pool that children and adults can play and swim in.
Pack some rubber rings, or get creative with your poolside games for a days’ worth of play.

Acqua Village
If a day spent by the villa pool isn’t enough for your little ones, then perhaps a trip to Acqua Village should be added to your itinerary. Situated on the coast, these water parks include water slides, wave pools, and tons of play areas.
Visit their website for maps of the sites and directions.

If you’re planning a Tuscan adventure for your children, then why not take a look at our Tuscany villas for families. We’ve got a beautiful selection of hand-picked villas for you to choose from, most which come with a pool, so take a browse today and start planning your Tuscan family getaway.

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