Take a Dip in Tuscany’s Hot Springs

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Take a Dip in Tuscany’s Hot Springs

Posted by Ruth (19/06/2015)

Tuscany is home to a number of excellent spa facilities for those who want a bit of pampering, but you don’t need to pay a fortune to enjoy the region’s famous hot spa waters. There are a number of excellent hot springs throughout Tuscany which can be enjoyed for free, many of which are off the beaten track, offering a quieter, more authentic spa experience.

Bagni di Petriolo
Surrounded by beautiful, natural woodland, the hot springs at Petriolo are consist of naturally sulphurous waters which bubble up from the ground before tumbling into a series of small pools before collecting in a final larger basin which forms the main attraction.

The natural spa here has been popular since Roman times, as evidenced by the nearby ruins of walls dating back to the 4th century AD. Today the Petriolo hot springs are prized for their relatively stable temperature of around 42°C, rich mineral salts and quality of the nearby clay which is often added to the water by locals to form a relaxing mud bath.

Bagni di San Filippo
Another natural spa which has been in use since the Romans roamed the land, San Filippo is actually home to five separate hot spring. The waters here are hotter than those at Petriolo, coming out at around 52°C and are rich in various minerals, including sulphur, sulphur bicarbonate, calcium and magnesium which some people believe can help relieve the symptoms of certain skin conditions, respiratory disorders and joint pain.

The setting for Bagni di San Filippo is stunning, tucked away in picturesque woods. The series of pools fed by the hot springs are overhung by the Fosso Bianco – a striking collection calcareous rock formations that form stalactites above the spa waters. 

One of the best known of Italy’s natural spas, the hot spring at Saturnia have been in use since at least the 2nd century BC. Legend has it that the spa was created by Saturn, the Roman god of the harvest. According to the story, Saturn lost his temper with the local people for being too warlike and struck the ground with a thunderbolt, creating the hot springs in the hope that the warm, sulphurous waters would help to calm the people.

Although they haven’t brought an end to war, the hot springs at Saturnia are certainly wonderfully soothing. The waters are a balmy 37°C, the same as the average human body temperature, perfect for those who prefer their hot springs warm rather than scalding.
All three of these natural spas are within an hour’s drive of Siena and are just one of many reasons to make this beautiful city your travel destination this year. We have a fantastic range of villas in Siena for you to choose from, so please take a look and, if you have any question, feel free to drop us an email

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