What to do in Pisa

Friday, May 29, 2015

What to do in Pisa

Posted by Mikolaj (29/05/2015)

Internationally Pisa may be best known for its leaning tower, but there’s much more to this ancient Tuscan city than wonky architecture! Pisa is a really beautiful city which is much less busy than nearby Florence, offering a more relaxing tourist experience. There is also plenty to see and do in the city, making it the ideal place for a daytrip or to spend a whole holiday.

Santa Maria della Spina
This small church, built in 1230, is one of the city’s best example of Gothic architecture. Originally known as the Santa Maria di Pontenovo, the church was renamed when a thorn believed to be from crown of thorns Jesus Christ wore on the cross was brought to the church in 1333. The church was moved from its original position which was closer to the Arno river in 1871, due to repeated flooding.

Today the church is a popular stopping point for tourists, both due to its wonderful exterior and the Gothic sculptural masterpiece Madonna of the Rose credited to father and son sculptors Andrea and Nino Pisano.

The Arno Promenade
The Arno river (which also flows through Florence) cuts through the centre of Pisa, making it the ideal way to see the city. There are numerous beautiful houses and buildings lining the river (including the Santa Maria della Spina) so a walk along the river offers a picturesque perspective on some of the city’s finest architecture.

You can also book a river boat tour of the city, allowing you to see some of Pisa’s finest sites in a fun and relaxing way.

Pisa Cathedral
Of course, no trip to Pisa would be complete without visiting the world famous Piazza del Duomo. Also known as Piazza dei Miracoli (Square of Miracles), this UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to the notorious leaning tower, but it also the site of Pisa Cathedral (Duomo di Pisa).

The cathedral, which dates from the 11th century, was a pioneering design which helped to establish a new style of Romanesque architecture in Pisa, the influence of which can be seen throughout the city.

The cathedral is packed full of interesting features, including massive bronze doors made under the supervision of legendary Flemish sculptor Giambologna and the mosaic Christ in Majesty planned and begun be Cimabue.

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