Giuseppe Poggi – the Man Who Remade Florence

Friday, April 10, 2015

Giuseppe Poggi – the Man Who Remade Florence

Posted by Mikolaj (10/04/2015)

2015 marks 150 years since King Vittorio Emanuele II declared Florence the capital of the newly unified Italy. Although only serving at Italy’s principle city for six years (when it was superseded by Rome), Florence underwent a number of changes during that period. Some of the most lasting effects were on the city’s architecture which was radically altered thanks to the designs of one man – Giuseppe Poggi.

Who was Giuseppe Poggi?
Poggi was a native of Florence, born in 1811 who had already been working as an architect for a number of years when Florence became the new Italian capital. At that time, Florence was still very much a medieval city in its design and Poggi quickly found himself in much demand to help renovate and modernise the new capital.
Poggi took charge of demolishing the city walls and replacing them with alleyways and a number of open squares, including the Piazza Beccaria and the Piazza della Libertà. He designed the panoramic Viale dei Colli boulevard that winds from Porta Romana to Piazzale Michelangelo which tourists can still explore to this day. The city’s upper classes also frequently used Poggi for the creating and renovation of various palaces and gardens around the city, increases his influence on the city’s design.
Poggi died in 1901 but his legacy lives on in the design of modern Florence.

Find out more
Running until 6th June 2015, the state archive near Piazza Cesare Beccaria is holding an exhibition – A Capital and its Architect – focusing on Poggi’s work and his influence on the city. Included will be documents, preliminary sketches and more giving an insight into the processes behind the great renovation project. Piazza Cesare Beccaria is one of Poggi’s designs, making this the ideal spot to learn more about the great Florentine architect. For anyone interested in the history of this great city, this really is a wonderful opportunity not to be missed.

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