Inspirational Italy: Films set in Tuscany

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Inspirational Italy: Films set in Tuscany

Posted by Sonia (27/03/2015)

With so many films taking snapshots of Tuscan culture and countryside, those about to embark on their own Tuscan adventure may want to get inspired about where to go and what to do by watching some cinematic treats. We’ve compiled a selection of three of the best and most popular movies that were filmed in Tuscany.

La Vita è Bella (Life is Beautiful) directed by Roberto Benigni
Benigni’s modern classic takes a look at the beauty of life despite the terrors that surround us. Despite addressing the persecution of Jewish people during the Second World War, the film manages to focus on life’s sweetest moments, like childhood and falling in love. Follow Guido Orefice strive to hide the true horrors of life in a concentration camp from his son Giosué and hope to be reunited with his wife Dora.

The first half of the film is set in beautiful Arezzo, which is where Guido and Dora live, and the film offers some brilliant shots of everyday life that include the piazzas and architecture of the city. Whilst it is not advised that you attempt to re-enact the bicycle rides, you may want to ask Maria to throw down the keys just off the Piazza Grande, or simply take some brilliant photos.

Quantum of Solace directed by Marc Forster
The opening scene of this James Bond film shows 007 driving across Italy on his way to Siena. After a dramatic car chase through an Italian quarry, Bond arrives in Siena, and instantly begins a high-speed chase through the city most popular event, the Palio, and then ascends to the city’s rooftops. Whilst the scene is fast paced, it captures some stunning shots of the city making it a great opening to an entertaining action film.

If you’re heading to Siena, scrambling amongst the city’s rooftops isn’t advised, but we do recommend getting an excellent view of the city by heading up the Torre del Mangia.

New Moon directed by Chris Weitz
Fans of Stephanie Meyer’s teen fantasy series will know the importance of Italy to the plot of the vampire romance saga. Although set in Volterra, which is an actual Tuscan town that you can visit during your stay, Montepulciano was used during filming. The Italian scenes saw Bella race to save Edward from exposing himself as a vampire and thus ending his life at the hands of the Volturi (a vampire coven). In the dramatic scene, viewers get to see some great views of the hilled town.

Even if you’re not a fan of vampires, Montepulciano is really worth visiting for its beautiful architecture. Take a walking tour around the town, and pop into a local café or restaurant to taste the city’s world-renowned local wine.

If you’ve yet to book your accommodation for your Italian silver-screen adventure, then why not take a look at the great selection of Tuscany villas we offer.

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