Fun Activities to Do at your Tuscan Villa

Friday, February 6, 2015

Fun Activities to Do at your Tuscan Villa

Posted by Dympna Docherty (06/02/2015)
Whilst some of your days may be spent exploring the Tuscan culture during your Italian break, you may also want to spend some of your time simply relaxing at your Tuscan villa. A beautiful, rural villa in a peaceful environment can create an atmosphere dedicated to relaxation, but for those who don’t find it easy to sit by the pool and bask in the warm sun, it can leave you feeling a little bit restless. That’s why we’ve come up with some brilliant activities that you can do during the days spent in and around your holiday villa.

Use the region enriched with art as inspiration to create your own masterpieces. Although you may find that it is impractical to pack acrylics and easels into your suitcase, a simple watercolour pallet, paintbrush, and sketchbook can help you create your own versions of the stunning surroundings of your holiday destination.
You don’t just have to recreate the villa gardens, and can put your hand to trying to capture to beauty of famous landmarks and cities. When sightseeing take some snaps with your camera so that you have a reference and aren’t just painting from memory. Who knows, with this holiday hobby, you could even create some bespoke souvenirs to give to friends and family upon your return.

A notebook and pen are packing lists essentials. So, why not use them for more than just a place to jot down addresses or newly learned Italian sayings and do some creative writing whilst away. Holidays are the perfect time for reflecting and rediscovering your creative streak, so put pen to paper and start scribbling some short stories and poems, or even begin that international bestselling novel that you’ve been meaning to write.

Reading is an obvious activity to suggest to those on vacation, but doesn’t mean that it isn’t a great way to occupy your time whilst away. Whether you’re an avid book worm, or the only reading you do is work documents and the occasional newspaper, there is bound to be a book on your reading list, or a novel that has got society abuzz that you can spend your time by the pool getting absorbed in. If unsure of what to choose, why not check out local Tuscan book shops (there are plenty that sell books in multiple languages) to see if there are any books set in the area.

From getting plenty of exercise by swimming lengths, to floating around on a rubber ring or lilo, a Tuscan villa with a pool creates unlimited opportunity for fun and games in the water, especially when on a family holiday. Pack a ball for water polo and catch, which can also be used for having a bit of a kick about on any lawns that may surround your villa.

Board Games
Easy to play and easy to pack, a board game or two is not going to push you over your luggage allowance but will create fun for all hours of the day. Whether settling down with a bottle of red on an evening, or sunning it by the pool during the day, there is always place for a game of Monopoly. If you can’t find a travel sized version, or would rather pack an extra swimsuit or two, they why not take a pack of cards. Along with the many card games you can play with others, you can also play single player games, like Patience, so any poolside boredom you’re experiencing can be cured even if everyone else is snoozing in the sun.

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