Renewing Your Vows in Tuscany

Friday, January 23, 2015

Five Location Ideas for Renewing Your Vows in Tuscany
Posted by Dympna Docherty (23/01/15)
If you’ve got a milestone anniversary coming up, if you’ve come through a rough patch, or if you’re simply just the romantic type, you may be considering renewing your vows. This ceremony is not legally recognised – but this is actually a good thing as it removes the legal restrictions, so you can hold it anywhere and get anyone to perform it for you. Read on to see why and where you should hold your personalised ceremony in beautiful Tuscany.

1) The Mountains
You can plan a winter fairy tale up in the snowy Alps, or if you’ve got no head for heights you can stay at the foot of the mountains with the peaks as a backdrop. Pistoia is perfect for your mountain ceremony – Europe’s oldest funicular cable car will take you effortlessly up to the medieval mountain village of Montecatini Alto.

2) A Medieval Romance
Tuscany is full of medieval castles and cathedrals, mixed in with small towns that have retained their authentic, winding streets. You could look into the historical walled city of Lucca, the magnificent Piazza Grande square in Arezzo, or find the ruins of a castle if you have quirky tastes.

3) Green Weddings
Nature lovers will be spoiled for choice. Orvieto, in nearby Umbria, has the nickname the ‘Green Heart of Italy’ because it doesn’t have a coast but boasts a lush, green landscape. One of Siena’s eleven nature reserves also provides many perfect opportunities for rustic, open-air celebrations in the forests or wetlands.

4) The Renaissance
Florence is surely the ideal place for you if you have an interest in the artistic richness of the Renaissance period. You can hold your celebrations in a Renaissance palace, or even a real Machiavellian Castle. Take advantage of the climate in a restored garden or on the ornamental steps of one of the palaces.

5) A Vineyard
You can combine the rural beauty of a vineyard setting with the chance to sample classic boozy delights. Siena lies in the original Chianti region, and there are many vineyards in operation that could provide a perfect backdrop.

Getting Hitched in Tuscany
If these ideas appeal to you for your first wedding, check out the government advice on getting married abroad to make sure you get all the legalities right.

Thinking of a Tuscany Honeymoon?
It’s a great idea to combine the trip for your renewal ceremony with a second honeymoon. We have a great range of villas in Tuscany to choose from, whether you’re looking for a romantic break away for two or a larger place to house 20+ of your guests. Contact us to discuss which of our Tuscan villas is the right choice for your special occasion.  

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