Coastal Places to Visit Whilst Holidaying in Tuscany

Friday, January 9, 2015

Coastal Places to Visit Whilst Holidaying in Tuscany

Posted by Dympna Docherty 09/01/2015
A Tuscany villa with a pool means that you can go for a swim whenever you fancy, but nothing compares to a trip to the coast and a dip in the sea. Whilst the Tuscan region is renowned for its beautiful countryside and historic cities, there are also some wonderful beaches along the west coast that are really worth visiting. Take a look at our selection of 3 of Tuscany’s best beaches below:

Castiglione della Pescaia

The beaches surrounding Castiglione della Pescaia are great for those looking to soak up some sun and relax by the sea. Originally a fishing town, the modern city is just over an hour’s drive from Siena, and only half an hour away from Grosseto, making it ideal for day trips from your Tuscany villa. Take a stroll along the coast to find the best spot to lay your towel, or grab a sun lounger and pay to use the private areas of the beaches.

Giglio Island

An island in the Tyrrehnian Sea, Isola del Giglio is a brilliant destination for those wanting to experience the Tuscan coast. As part of the Province of Grosseto, visitors can take a ferry from Porto Santo Stefano to the island and explore the beautiful history and surrounding sea. Great for those who want a little more than a sun lounger and a sea breeze, Giglio is known for its scuba diving opportunities and being a prime spot for dolphin and whale watching.

Those heading to the island may also want to check out the hiking routes, known for its near untouched nature and wildlife (nearly 90% of the island is uninhabited).

San Vincenzo

Fifty minutes away from Livorno on the coastal train, San Vincenzo has a beautiful beach. Choose to settle down close to the town, or head south to Rimigliano Park for some quieter beaches. Foodies will enjoy spending the day at the beach near San Vincenzo, as the town is known for its delicious local food, specialising in seafood dishes. If heading here, be sure to try dishes that include bonito, a locally sourced fish that can be found offshore during the spring and summer months.

If you like the idea of spending part of your holiday relaxing on the beach, but don’t want to miss out on experiencing the beautiful Tuscan countryside, why not take a look at our Tuscany villas and see if we’ve got the perfect holiday accommodation for you.

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