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Friday, November 21, 2014


Written by Dympna Docherty on 21 November 2014

Is usually something that Hollywood actors/actresses hear, but during the To Tuscany recent company annualconference we had a film crew following us around with the aim of producing a video for each of our websites – German, French, Dutch, Polish, USA/Canada and the UK/Ireland/Rest of the World. To Tuscany have been leading the way with our online videos of our villas using drone technology to capture birds-eye views so we wanted to do something personal where each agent can 'speak' to you directly and where you can meet the owner of To Tuscany even if its only on film.
Some were nervous about the videos, some were having hair lacquered down by their wives, some were thinking through what to say and some of us were wishing we had more notice so we could lose the 10lbs the camera apparently adds!

Our first filming schedule was during our visit to the Castello di Ama winery and art gallery. This is located just a short walk from the hamlet of Casanuova di Ama where we were based in a variety of accommodation: Annamaria villa, Villa Gallo Nero and the Le Volte & Il Forno properties. The contemporary art installations at the winery have been produced by a variety of internationally aclaimed artists such as Anish Kapoor, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Louise Bourgeois and Cristina Iglasias and Castello di Ama are very proud of this collaboration.

The 'real' filming was for our individual interviews and once they were underway we found our nerves disappeared as we were after all only saying to the camera what we tell hundreds of our lovely guests as part of our job. Talking about Tuscany and villas in Tuscany comes easily to us, we have all spent so much time visiting the area that we can talk with confidence on the subject.

We were lucky that the weather provided blue skies and sunshine during our time with the film crew – we know it isnt always sunny in Tuscany, but we like to show you this delightful region looking its best! - the warm sunshine even provided for some opportunities to relax whilst waiting for our camera calls.
Our group visit to the local town of Radda in Chianti caused a few heads to turn, its not often that a film crew shows up and the fact that some of us were wearing the To Tuscany jackets and t-shirts that had been provided specially for the filming meant we were on the end of some quizzical looks from the locals. One of the locals who is more used to a film crew than us is Luciano who runs the famous Porciatti delicatessen in Radda – he made a number of appearances as a chef on one of Italys cookery shows. His bustling shop made a great backdrop for some filming of local products and typical daily life.

On the subject of chefs, Andrea from thePasta e Fagioli private chef service served up a meal of distinction for all 20+ of us – the porcetta (roasted pork) was so delicious that a vegetarian amongst us couldnt resist and even went back for seconds, thats how good it was!

We can highly recommend the video company Mediabrightom, Annelies and Ben Simon made us feel relaxed and comfortable while filming.

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