Castello di Ama

Friday, November 28, 2014

Castello di Ama

Posted by Ruth Albracht (28 November 2014)
Once a year the entire team of To Tuscany gather together in Tuscany. We stay in some beautiful holiday villas at the charminghamlet of Casanuova di Ama and beside the many meetings indoors we are treated with special dinners and outings.

The employees of To Tuscany have their homes at Great Britain, Germany, USA, Australia, France, Poland, Italy and the Netherlands. This is a friendly and warm group of people who all have the same passion: Tuscany!

This year we went to visit the beautiful winery of Castello di Ama. After a short walk through the vineyards with the last sun of the day setting everything in an enchanting light we arrived at the beautifully restored winery. Ama, the hamlet only four hundred meters away from Castello di Ama has been there for five hundred years and fine wines where made by some important families back then, which had residence in the midst of the Chianti. Castello di Ama has been fabulously restored in 1960 to revive the old days and they started to produce the famous Chianti Classico, one of the world’s most prestigious wines. The family of Lorenza Sebasti and Marco Pallanti leads Castello di Ama today. Marco Pallanti is a gifted winemaker. They have had great successes over the past 25 years and built a thriving business. Castello di Ama has received multiple awards for their outstanding wines. 

The charming hostess gave us a tour over the estate. We learned about wine making and at the same time we could admire the amazing modern art at the estate. Think of Michelangelo Pistoletto, Anish Kapoor and Louise Bourgeois. It is such a special feature that modern art made by famous artists is integrated in the company. We were so surprised. While our hostess explained about the different fermentation progresses, how long wine barrels were used and why it‘s necessary to roll them over – every three months all the wine is removed from the barrels to be returned in ‘fresh’ rolled barrels- we took in the various art installations.

It was very interesting to learn more about winemaking and how the particular modern art, especially made for Castello di Ama was established.

The Indian artist Anish Kapoor transformed the charming chapel at the estate by installing a red sphere that represents the warming glow of a communal fire in the middle of the chapel. The old floor was removed and a new concrete floor could be made with a hole one and a half meters deep in the middle. That is where the light installation was put to create a red shimmering pulsing light. When entering the small chapel we were utterly surprised, it looked like a glowing boll of hot lava on the floor that you could easily touch. Magic!

The work ‘Topiary’ of Louise Bourgeois is mind blowing. Situated at the bottom of a narrow cave that had a timeless medieval atmosphere you see a fountain made of Carrera marble resembling an adolescent girl and a at the same time beautiful flower. The walls around this sunning peace of art are pitch black and this makes it difficult to orientate. The magical work looks like a fragment of a forgotten myth.

The warm welcome, the interesting stories and the great atmosphere wants us to undertake another wonderful visit to Castello di Ama. The combination of the ancient traditional Tuscany and modern art is phenomenal.

It is definitely worthwhile to combine wine tasting with a tour of the estate and enjoy the extraordinary modern art in an enchanting landscape. Four wines are tasted during the tasting, the Al Poggio IGT, Il Chiuso IGT, Castello di Ama Chianti Classico, a selection of Vigneto, and their extra virgin olive oil DOP Chianti Classico. The tasting takes about 2.5 hours.

If you would like to have more information about prices and bookings please contact Castello di Ama.

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