Travelling with your dog

Monday, September 15, 2014

Travelling with your dog

As a pet owner, you will have a little more to consider when planning your holidays.
When choosing your ideal villa, please take care to note if it states in the description,  “Pets allowed’’ or ‘’Pets welcome”

In general most owners do not accept fighting dogs. When booking your holiday house please specify the breed of your dog.
Apartments and individual houses where pets are not accepted are very popular with people with allergies, so understandably the owners may not make any exceptions.
Even if pets are welcome, some villas accept dogs for free but others may charge an amount for the extra cleaning. In general the amounts will be paid on site on arrival.
Once you have chosen the best place for both you and your pet, you need to check entry requirements for pets into Italy.

EU rules apply for holidays with pets in Italy:
Your dog needs an EU pet passport with a veterinary confirmation of anti-rabies inoculation and a microchip (this carries a unique code which can be scanned in animal shelters, animal rescue centres and veterinary practices).
In Italy a leash and muzzle must be taken.
It is advisable to take out pet insurance.
Food and water bowl must of course be part of your luggage. The water bowl should be stored within reach, together with a bottle of water. You should also take along your dog’s own basket/pillow so your pet will feel at home.
Remember to include your dog’s favorite food, treats and chew bones so that they do not experience any stomach upset. Do not make changes to their food or bowls for the holiday period.
A small first aid kit for pets should not be forgotten. It is useful to have medications for diarrhoea, parasites and wound care, as well as a pair of tweezers for removing thorns or hedge-fern (the so-called “forasacchi”).
You should also inform yourself about the local risk of ticks, although the tick problem in Italy is not as bad as in other countries. A spot-on preparation or tick collar and tick-tweezers may be worth taking with you.
In the car, the dog should always sit in the back, separated by a solid partition grid or in the foot area of the passenger seat.
You can transport your dog properly and safely if you buy a transport basket or a seatbelt. If your little four-legged darling is not wearing a seatbelt or not housed safe, it could not only be very dangerous but also very expensive when you have to pay a fine.
Travelling with dogs is not always easy for the dog owner. In Italy you can often have more problems than in other European countries.
In many restaurants dogs are not allowed. Therefore please inform the desired restaurant in advance about bringing a four-legged family member (possibly also weight and breed).
Even if dogs are welcome in apartments they are often undesirable within the estate, for example by the pool or in the restaurant. At any property dogs are not allowed in the pool.
Also dogs are usually not allowed in museums. Even carrying little dogs in your arms or in a bag is often not permitted.

Travel Checklist

·         dog basket
·         dog pillow
·         favourite toy
·         food, treats, chews
·         food bowl, water bowl
·         collar, harness
·         leash
·         muzzle
·         EU pet passport
·         pet first aid kit (tick tweezers, feet care, spot-on or tick collar and bandaging material)
·         transport basket and/or seatbelt for the car
·         insurance policy for dog liability

Dog beaches in Tuscany
In general most of the dog friendly beaches are marked with signs in Tuscany. These are usually free beaches, public beaches - not leased beaches. That means you have to bring your own umbrella to protect your four-legged friend.
Important:  please remember to take enough water with you because often the nearest place to top up can be far away or you cannot reach it with your four-legged friend.
At some beaches you will find areas for the excrements and where you can get rid of this.
To avoid problems you should always carry the necessary bags with you.
In most public dog beaches it is not permitted to allow your dog to run without a leash.
Throughout Tuscany the number of dog beaches has increased significantly in recent years. Comparing the region of Tuscany with other areas you will find Tuscany has the most.

As of 2012, the following are dog beaches along the Tuscan coast:

Dog beaches Pisa Province

·         Calambrone(Pisa): outside of Pisa It is a part of a public beach where pets are allowed (see signs!). Please note that the area is better known for its industry!
·         Marina del Lago di Torre Puccini (PI): about 2km public beach


Dog beaches Livorno Province

·         Livorno: lungomareArdenza
·         Isola d’Elba: the beach Fonza outside of Campo nell’Elba. You will reach the beach after about 4 km unpaved road.
·         Antignano(LI): individual parts along the beach
·         Cecina (Livorno): south of the sandy beach of Cecina, or north (FossoNuovo and Gorette).

Part of the beach behind the holiday village “La Cecinella” also allows dogs. 

·         Marina di Bibbona/Cecina Mare (Livorno): in the nature park between Marina di Bibbona and Marina di Cecina
·         Marina di Castagneto Carducci (Livorno): right at the roundabout, follow the signs to Spiaggia per cani. The beach is outside of Marina di Castagneto (direction Bibbona, along the sea).
·         San Vincenzo (Livorno): “Dog beach” coming from San Vincenzo towards Piombino about 800m after the city-limit sign. Parking along the street.
·         BarattiBay (Livorno): left of the church San Cerbone and the small jetty, along the road
·         Piombino(Livorno): SpiaggiaBernardini
·         Perelli 1 (Livorno)

Dog beaches Grosseto Province

·         Follonica/Scarlino(Grosseto)
·         Puntone di Scarlino(Grosseto)
·         Punta Ala(Grosseto)
·         Marina di Grosseto (Grosseto)

To Tuscany wishes you and your four-legged friend BuonoVacanze!

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