Boardless Games You Don't Need to Pack

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Boardless Games You Don't Need to Pack

At some point on holiday you’re going to want a night in and what better way to get everyone together and having fun than with a game? Obviously you’re not going to want to sacrifice your new sarong to find space for monopoly, so we’ve put together a list of great games you can play without a board. They’re great to play in your Tuscany villa and you can even play some of them in the queue to the Uffizi!

Four Fourths of a Ghost
This is a spelling game where each player has to add a letter to the word. Player 1 picks a letter, for example ‘L’ and then the next player adds any letter which could spell a word, such as ‘O’. Player 3 must then add another letter being careful not to complete a word. If player 3 adds another ‘O’ they will have lost the game by spelling ‘LOO’, so they must find another letter, such as ‘N’ passing the buck to player 4.
Players can try and bluff it by saying a letter where they can’t think of a word that it could lead to. However if they are challenged and can’t think of a word then they lose and become one fourth a ghost. If the player is challenged and can produce a word then it is the challenger who becomes one fourth a ghost. For instance if Player 4 said ‘D’ and was challenged and they said ‘LONDON’ the challenger loses, but if they say ‘LONDIFUL’ the player loses. The ultimate loser is the person who becomes four fourths a ghost first.

How’s Yours?
With this game a player is selected to be the questioner and leaves the room or covers their ears whilst the others decide on an object or thing that they all have, for example a car or a telephone number. Then the questioner returns and can only ask individuals the question “How’s yours?” to which people must answer with a detail that doesn’t give a lot away, but also isn’t so vague that the game can’t progress. The questioner must overcome their growing frustration and work out what the object is! Then a new questioner is nominated and the game continues.

When I went on my holidays…
This is a memory game where players take it in turns to add an item to a list that must be recalled before adding your item to the list. For example, player 1 could say “When I went on my holidays I brought with me some flip flops” then player 2 could say “When I went on my holidays I brought with me some flip flops and a game of Tetris” and player 3 “When I went on my holidays I brought with me some flip flops, a game of Tetris and my sense of dignity!”…And so on. If you make a mistake you’re out and the winner is the last one standing.

Fortunately Unfortunately
This storytelling game is a great way to get your creative juices flowing. Each player takes it in turns to add a sentence to the story, alternating with either fortunately or unfortunately to start the sentence. For example:
Once upon a time there was a frog sitting peacefully on a water lily.
Unfortunately his feet were stuck to the leaf and he couldn’t jump off.
Fortunately a wave came along and the frog realised he’s a rather talented surfer.
Unfortunately the leaf split in two and he discovered he wasn’t quite as good at water skiing…

Wink Murder
Gather everyone together in a circle and decide who is going to be the investigator. Get them to leave the room and nominate somebody as the murderer. Bring the investigator back in and the game can begin. The murderer must wink at people to signal their death. The person being winked at must then die in as dramatic a fashion as possible for extra fun! The investigator then has three chances to guess who the murderer is.

Hope you have fun playing all these brilliant games! Have a look through our Tuscany villas and find yourself the perfect place to get all your loved ones together and start the hilarity!

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