Famous People from Tuscany

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Famous People from Tuscany

Tuscany has long been an area known for its exports, with its larger cities like Florence and Siena being hubs of creativity and pioneering modern culture, so it comes as no surprise that many Tuscan natives are internationally famous. Listing all the famous or notable Tuscans is almost impossible, but here are some of the most famous children of Tuscany.

Leonardo da Vinci

Creator of the most famous painting ever, the Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci was a true master of the Italian Renaissance. The polymath is known as an historical figure whose intelligence, inventions, discoveries and artistic talents helped shape the world in which we now live in. Born in Vinci, a small commune in Tuscany that is now home to the Museo Leonardiano, Da Vinci is credited with the invention of the helicopter, and helping to create a greater understanding of human anatomy. 


One of the greatest artists of the Italian Renaissance and still looked upon as one of the most skilled sculptors in history, Michelangelo is arguably Italy’s most famous artist. Born in Caprese, Michelangelo honed his crafts in Florence as painter’s apprentice. His earlier works focused on sculpting and after his PietĂ  gained notoriety in Rome he returned to Florence to create the masterpiece David, which is now housed in the city’s Galleria del Academia.

Renowned Fashion Designer Roberto Cavalli

Born into an artistic family (his grandfather’s artwork is displayed in Florence’s Uffizi Gallery), Roberto Cavalli is a fashion designer who’s labels and brand have achieved international success. Cavalli is known for innovative creations and pioneered a technique that involved printing on leather after attending Florence’s Art Institute. Throughout his career, Cavalli has continued to return to his hometown to display his label’s latest designs, and in 2002 opened a cafĂ© next to the designer’s boutique store.

International Bestselling Author Frances Mayes

Although not born in Tuscany, American author Frances Mayes upped sticks and moved to Tuscany after seeing a 200-year-old Tuscan farmhouse that was looking for a much-needed renovation. Bramasole, the neglected farmhouse, and the work she carried out on it along with her love of Italian culture quickly became inspiration for her international bestselling book Under the Tuscan Sun: At Home in Italy. Released in 1996, the book gained widespread attention and was adapted to the big screen in 2003.

Her literary works continued to focus on her love of Italy, with two more books being written to complete the Tuscan trilogy; Bella Tuscany, and Every Day in Tuscany.   

There are plenty of famous Tuscans that can be added to the list, and in a region that is filled with inspiring landscapes and beautiful history there is bound to be many more. If this list has inspired you to take a trip and visit some of the wondrous artworks on display in the many museums and art galleries, then why not take a look the Tuscany villas we offer on our website.

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