Secluded Cecina

Friday, July 11, 2014

Secluded Cecina

Cecina is a small town on the west coast of Italy, just south of Livorno. With a population of only 28,000 this small point on the map may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of Tuscany, but still has a lot to offer should you choose to pay it a visit.
We have villas in Livorno and nearby Pisa which could serve as the perfect base for your trip to Cecina, and even our villas in Siena aren’t too far away from this charming coastal town. So why not add it to your list of places to visit and take in some of the sites below.

This waterpark is an absolute must for anyone travelling to Cecina with children, and will provide a great day out as well as welcome relief from the heat. This park is one of two Acqua Villages in Tuscany and has many slides and pools to keep the whole family entertained for the day. Main attractions include ‘Surfing Hill’ which allows four people to race against each other, the twisting and turning ‘Anaconda’, and ‘Intrigo’ which earned an award in 2011 at the Parksmania awards.

Kids under 3 go free, adult tickets are €22 and children older than 3 are charged at €15. There are also discounts if you enter after 3pm; for anyone wanting to just spend a few hours in the park.

The Archaeological Park –
If you enjoy all things historical and cultural then the archaeological park should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Cecina. The most interesting thing on display here is a Roman villa which was built all the way back in the first century BC and which shows Cecina’s place in the Roman Empire. Along with the villa, there is also a terrific example of an early Roman water system, which has been preserved perfectly and shows the excellent craft that the Romans had. This museum also has some interesting artefacts that were recovered from the villa on display.

The Beach –
Many will say that you cannot visit Cecina without spending time at the beach. There is so much to do that you can spend the whole day there, or just a few hours, it’s up to you. There are many shops and restaurants along the promenade which can feed your appetite as well as giving you a great view of the sunset in the evening.

There are water sports available from certain points along the beach, or you can take a boat trip to other parts of Tuscany; including the beautiful Elba Island. If the heat gets too much, you can always shelter amongst the pine trees in the nearby wood, which have been around for hundreds of years and stretch 13km along the coast.

Gallorose Wildlife Park –
This wildlife park originally started out as a small farm, in 2001, but has since been extended into a much bigger place that showcases animals from around the world. However, as well as exotic creatures such as coatis, kangaroos, monkeys and wildebeest, you will also find many species that are native to Tuscany itself.
The farm started off as a way to allow children to interact with the animals in the area and has since turned into a great attraction that earned a certificate of excellence in 2013 from Trip Advisor. If you fancy a relaxing day out of the glaring sun, or you are a big animal lover; you should ensure Gallorose is high on your list of priorities.

If you would like to book one of our luxury Tuscan villas in close proximity to Cecina then visit our booking page online or head to our contact us page for more information.

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