5 Must-Pack Items For Your Tuscan Adventure

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

5 Must-Pack Items For Your Tuscan Adventure

Packing for a holiday never seems to run smoothly. There’s something very stressful about knowing that you are so close to an exciting holiday, but you have to get the packing out of the way before you can set off. And things are never where you left them. The passports have grown legs and wandered into a different draw, there’s only enough sun cream left in the bottle for a couple of days, and just which items of clothing are going to make the cut and receive an honorary place in your suitcase?

But whilst all these questions are running through your mind, here are a few things that should definitely make it through your baggage boot camp.

Guide Books –
With so much to see and do over quite an expansive area, the best way to get the most out of your trip to Tuscany is to consult the guide books. This way you can plan ahead and ensure that you get to do everything you’ve got your heart set on. Guides books always have great inside knowledge and are likely to flag up a few sights and attractions that you probably wouldn’t have been aware of before. So bring these along to make sure you are always one step ahead of the rest of the crowd.

Your Walking Shoes –
One of the best ways to see the towns and cities of Tuscany is by foot, but with so much walking to do you’re going to need your comfy shoes. There are nature parks to wonder through, expansive plazas to stroll around and many tall buildings to climb. You can be sure by the end of the day you will have earned a much-needed sit down, but you will grateful for the sights you have been able to see.

The Camera –
The camera may be one of the first things you usually pack anyway, but even those who aren’t fans of seeing the world through a wide-angled lens will want to capture the views on offer here. If you are planning on just using your phone, you may want to pack a separate camera as well in order to do the beautiful landscapes and historical landmarks justice.

Appropriate Clothing –
If you are heading to Tuscany during the warmer months, temperatures can really be stifling, and so you may be planning to fill your bag with shorts, skirts and strappy tops. However, whilst this may be fine for lounging around in the sun and doing a bit of shopping; they won’t be appropriate for the many churches and religious buildings you may want to visit. Men should pack at least one pair of light trousers and women should bring these as well as something to cover their shoulders.

Home Comforts –
When staying in one of our delightful Tuscan villas, you will obviously have to plan meals for each day. There may be many local delicacies or traditional Italian foods that you are excited to try, but why not bring along a few home comforts that can be easily whipped up, and put on the table in minutes, after a long day of sight-seeing.

Looking for somewhere to go on holiday this year? Why not use our easy booking system and spend a few days in one of our luxury villas. Alternatively, you can visit our contact us page to speak to us directly.

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