What to Look for in Family Villas in Tuscany

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tuscany villa rentals aren't just for young couples in love. More and more vacationers are bringing their whole family to enjoy Tuscany—and it's a trip your kids will never forget. But what should you look for to make sure your villa has everything the family will need? Here are our top tips:

Enough bedrooms 

Many villas are designed to only accommodate one couple with a single bedroom. Others only have two or three small bedrooms. While a family vacation should definitely include an element of adventure, you'll have a lot more peace during your stay if your kids don't have to share bedrooms. While less common, we've seen Tuscany villa rentals with four, five or six bedrooms—occasionally more.

Plenty of bathrooms 

Hand in hand with having enough beds, extra bathrooms go a long way toward keeping everyone happy. While you don't necessarily need a private bathroom for each individual bedroom, having at least two bathrooms cuts down on the amount of waiting and potential arguing. And Mom and Dad should definitely have their own private bathroom.

A shared pool 

Many Tuscany villa rentals come with a swimming pool, sometimes private and sometimes shared with other villas. For a honeymoon we'd recommend a private pool but, for a family getaway, it can be nice to have a shared pool. You'll get a chance to mingle with other families, and so will the kids—and it often takes a fair amount off the rental price.

Indoor and outdoor spaces 

Some villas offer relatively few communal spaces to gather in, at least indoors. But with the family along it's nice to have separate gathering places, including at least one that's inside in case of rain. A living room, as well as a courtyard or veranda, are definite pluses.


Nothing helps teenagers (and often parents) stay sane as much as having a line to life back home. Wi-Fi allows your kids to stay entertained on their devices, to stay in touch with friends, and to share photos and activities from the trip. It also means you can stay up-to-date on news and e-mail.

Proximity to activities 

Seclusion is nice, but so is history, culture, and night life. Make sure your Tuscany villa rental is close to villages with shopping and cultural activities the whole family can enjoy.

Have you brought your family to Tuscany? What was your favorite part?

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