Top Tips When Heading To Tuscany With Children

Friday, May 23, 2014

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With a range of things to do and see aimed at people of all ages, Tuscany is the perfect destination for your family holiday. And that is exactly why thousands of families jet off to this stunning Italian region every year to enjoy a much needed break.
However, your slice of relaxation and enjoyment could well be short-lived if you don’t attempt to cater for your children. This isn’t to say that you have to mould your holiday around their needs, but failing to think about them may result in you needing another trip away when you return from this one.
With this in mind here are a few handy tips to make sure the kids are down with you.

Avoid Long Airport Waits –
If there’s one thing that’s going to get your holiday off to a bad start it’s having to cope with your child’s elaborate display of just how annoyed they are about the wait at the airport. Nobody wants to sit around for hours in a building that you can’t escape from, especially children, and so it’s best to think ahead to avoid this. Many airlines will now let you check in online or print of your ticket to avoid long queues. This means there’s no need to arrive four hours early for your flight and wait for the inevitable tantrum to start.

Find A Villa With Great Facilities –
At To-Tuscany we have a terrific range of luxury villas that have enough entertainment facilities to keep your little ones busy and out of your hair for a while. You can get on with a bit of sunbathing or itinerary planning whilst they splash around in the swimming pool for a bit or enjoy a few sets of tennis on the onsite court. Not only will this give you some time to yourself but it will also help to fill the gaps between your adventures away from the accommodation.

Don’t Over Do It On The Sightseeing –
Although you might have a long list of places that you want to see; filling your holiday with walks around museums and historical buildings could lead to your child getting bored. It’s best to intersperse these visits with a few things that will interest them, such as a visit to the zoo or a water park, as well as a couple of days where you don’t do much at all.
Be mindful that their legs are shorter than yours and so they are going to get tired of walking around before you do. Avoid this by booking your tickets for the busiest attractions in advance. If your child is still in a pram or pushchair it’s also a good idea to check if there are any steps that will inhibit your ability to get into any location.

Give Them Some Great Memories –
When you return from an excellent holiday the only thing you have left are the memories and so it’s a good idea to help your child create some that they can keep forever. Give them something to collect over the course of your trip, such as a postcard from every town or village you visit. Alternatively you could get them to keep a holiday journal or draw pictures of the sights that you see. This way they will be able to look back on their Tuscan adventure for many years to come.

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