How to Get a Tuscany Villa Rental for Less

Thursday, May 29, 2014

For many people, staying in a Tuscany villa rental is part of a dream vacation. But does that mean it has to cost an arm and a leg? In order to make your stay more affordable, we're offering some advice on the renting process. Who knows? If you save enough, maybe you could stay an extra week! 

1. Look for a company that specializes in Tuscany villa rentals. There are many different places that rent Tuscany villas these days: some are huge hotel chains that own property all over the world, with little specialization in Tuscany; others are Tuscany homeowners who want to take advantage of the tourist-friendly economy. But the companies that are likely to offer the best prices fall in the middle – they are rental companies that have a number of Tuscany properties at different price points and focus their business on villas specifically. These companies will be able to recommend villas to match your budget.

2. Consider what amenities you really need. Much of the magic of a Tuscany villa rental comes from the charm and beauty of the countryside. That means you may be able to do without some of the high end luxuries and still thoroughly enjoy your stay. For instance, a few Tuscany villas may have a hot tub or sauna, but you can save big money if you pass on these extravagant extras. Even a pool may be optional for some bargain hunters.

3. Look for a shared pool. If you do want a pool at your villa rental, remember you don't necessarily need a private pool. Many Tuscany villas have shared pools among two to four buildings. This can take a lot of money off the price tag, while still functioning effectively as a semi-private amenity. The other villas may not even have people in them, and the pool is likely to be walled or hedged so only you and the other villa guests can see in.

4. Be open to a wider variety of locations. Small Tuscany villages have a lot of allure, but the reason people rent a villa is typically to have peace and quiet in the countryside. Only the most expensive villas are located within a short walk of the village center, while many that are farther out will command a lower price. If you have a hired car or enjoy being in the countryside, you may not need a central location.

Have you stayed in a Tuscany villa rental? What did you do to find the best price?

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