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Thursday, May 8, 2014

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As much as a break in the beautiful region of Tuscany is likely to be relaxing; we all know that travel can have its down sides. The endless waiting around before you even leave your own country, the stresses of getting everything organised and, of course, that feeling of being half way through your break and beginning to cheerlessly count down the days you have left.
But imagine if a lot of the stress was taken out of travelling and you could concentrate on enjoying your amazing accommodation and taking some much needed time for yourself? Well imagine no more as here are some great travel trips that will leave you with plenty of time and energy to enjoy your holiday.

Track Your Airfares –
After finding a great deal from the To Tuscany website the last thing you want to do is to pay excessive airline fees in order to get to Italy and enjoy it. Therefore, as well as using comparison sites to find the best website to book from, you can also use tools such as Yapta to track the price of your flight and receive an alert when it reaches your preselected amount. It’s so much more time saving than constantly logging on to see if it’s gone down.

Park It –
Airport parking can be so expensive but driving is often the easiest way to get to your flight. Therefore instead of paying the sky-high fees they like to charge; book yourself into a hotel near the airport for the night before you’re due to fly. Not only will this mean that you won’t be rushing around in the morning in order to get to the gate on time, you can also find somewhere that lets you park your car whilst you’re away. This may not be offered as a free service but it will be a lot cheaper than airport prices.

Sanitiser’s A Saint –
One thing that will really ruin your holiday is if you get there and you’ve managed to pick up a cough or cold from the aeroplane. To reduce the risk of this it’s a good idea to carry a small bottle (remember there are restrictions on the amount of fluid you can take on board) of hand sanitiser. This will stop you picking up any nasty bugs from the armrests or lap trays. Keep yourself hydrated as well as this will help your body fight off any unwanted germs.

Get Your Money Straight –
Firstly, you should always ensure that you inform your bank of your trip abroad as forgetting to do this may result in them stopping your card once they start to see unusual payments. Secondly, get your currency before you arrive at the airport otherwise you’re likely to pay much more than you would do in your local travel agent or post office. And finally, travellers checks are relics of holiday history and should no longer be used. Not only are a lot of foreign banks reluctant to accept them; you’ll get a shabby exchange rate these days when you attempt to convert them.

Plan Your Adventures –
A lot of holidays are about having no plans at all for the duration of your stay and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. However, if you are planning on exploring the country you are in it’s best to do your research before you come out. Knowing exactly where you need to go and the attractions that you definitely want to see will save you heaps of time when you arrive and you won’t have to worry about asking the locals for directions. Also, booking your tickets for these before you fly out is sure to save you plenty of money. Tuscany has so much to see and do and so a quick look before your holiday is sure to give you lots of ideas of how to fill your time.

Back Up Plan –
We all know that however much you organise yourself and plan ahead, disaster can strike at any moment. Therefore it’s best to have a back-up plan. This includes spreading your clothes across different bags to avoid being without all of them should your bag get lost, emailing yourself all of the important documents you need for the trip just in case you need to refer to them and always carrying a photocopy of your passport. This is unlikely to be accepted should you lose your real one but it will make getting a new one so much easier.

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