Are Tuscany Villas the Perfect Vacation Destination?

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Everyone has their own idea of a dream vacation. Some want to rough it on an adventure safari, some want to relax with a tropical drink on a beach, and others crave the fast pace and nightlife of a big city. But the classical villas in Tuscany, Italy, have quickly become one of the most talked about and sought after vacation experiences on the planet. So what makes a Tuscany villa the perfect getaway? Here are just a few of the factors at play:


One of the reasons villas are among the most desirable vacation rentals is privacy. When you stay at a hotel or even a bed & breakfast you may have luxury, but you will always be in close proximity to other people, including staff and other guests. A villa gives you the same luxury within a private house, and villas in Tuscany, Italy, have some of the most secluded and private locations possible.


Tuscany has become the premiere villa destination for a reason. The villas in Tuscany, Italy, are more than just glorified farm houses; they are beautiful little country houses with grace and comfort. And the surroundings are positively magical, with carefully tended gardens, ancient orchards and vineyards, stone walls and rustic roads winding over the hills.


Many villas in Tuscany, Italy, have been standing for hundreds of years. The area has a recorded history dating back to the Roman Empire and has monuments, ruins, museums, and artifacts from 3,000 years of human culture.


Not only is Tuscany one of Italy's premiere wine regions in its own right, it is also a crossroads where some of the best wines from Italy, France, Germany, and Spain come together. Every wine lover should take time to travel in Tuscany.


Italian food is famed the world over, and Tuscany's food is famed across Italy. Northern Italian dishes are different from the Sicilian fare often served in the United States, featuring lighter sauces, fresh crushed tomatoes, and an emphasis on the use of fine cheeses. It's hard to find better food anywhere in the world than you'll have served in a restaurant near your Tuscan villa.

Of course, everyone who rents a villa in Tuscany, Italy, has their own reason why it's their preferred vacation spot. What draws you to Tuscany? Are you ready to experience it for yourself?

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