3 Great Road-Trips Across Tuscany

Friday, May 2, 2014

One of the best ways to see this stunning and picturesque region of Italy is by car and the great thing is that it’s pretty simple to get around in this way too. Not only will you be able to cram as much action-packed fun into your holiday as possible, you will also be the master of your own destiny; deciding where you want to go, at what time and for however long you like.

We have luxury accommodation all over the area in the form of beautiful Tuscan villas and so wherever you choose to stay you will have a great place to use as base camp for your expeditions. A few tips before you set out on your road trip though:

*       Avoid hiring your car from the airport if you can as companies tend to charge over the odds for the convenience.

*       Hire the smallest car you can all fit into in order to bring the price down some more.

*       Take a quick look over the traffic laws in Italy as there may be a few differences to your home country.

*       Be aware that there are few road signs in Tuscany that detail the road names and so it’s best to be conscious of a big city that you are heading towards. These will be clearly marked.

*       Always carry a map.

So how about some great road-trips that allow you to see some of the best sights in Tuscany? Here’s three of the best.

Pisa To Grosseto
Time: 1 Hour 50 MinsDistance: 100 MilesEstimated Fuel Cost:  €25

This journey from north to south will take you on a costal drive via a route which includes the A80 and the SS1. Follow the beautiful coastline from Pisa, through the city of Livorno, passing by Cecina and Fallonica before arriving in Grosseto. The first place of interest you will pass on your journey is the Parco di Migliarino, a picturesque national park which is the perfect spot for a picnic and to do some wildlife spotting amongst idyllic scenery.

Be sure to stop off in Livorno to take in a view of the city from the top of the Santuario di Montenero and then take your pick of fabulous beaches to explore as you head towards your final destination of Grosetto.

Siena To Florence
Time: 1 HourDistance: 45 MilesEstimated Fuel Cost: €12

This drive is great for an afternoon out as it is relatively short and lets you take in the sights of two of the most popular cities in Tuscany; as well as one of the best hidden gems the region has to offer. Follow the Raccordo Autostradale Firenze – Siena from north to south as you twist and turn through fantastic countryside and quaint towns and villages. But before you leave Siena be sure to check out some of the popular attractions; most notably the Piazza del Campo and the Torre del Mangia.

Along your route be sure to stop for lunch at San Gimignano; the aforementioned hidden gem. This classic medieval town will immediately transport you back in time and put you under its spell with its unique charm. Hunt down the scale model of the town hidden in a back-street building and marvel at all nine of its churches.

Florence To Rome
Time: 2 Hours 50 Mins
Distance: 236 Miles
Estimated Fuel Cost: €43

This road-trip is a long drive but is perfect for your last day in the region as you could book your flight home from Rome and spend your final day travelling this pleasant route. There is so much to see along the way as you drive down the A1 and the E35 from north to south. You will pass major settlements such as the city of Arezzo with its historic 6th century town hall and Orvieto, a town with an intriguing set of manmade caves running underneath it.

You will also pass close to the area of Montepulciano which is a must visit for any wine lovers, whilst your route will intertwine gracefully with the river Tiber for almost the whole of your journey. It may mean you have to stray from the boundaries of Tuscany but this drive is definitely worth it.

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