The Best Photo Opportunities Tuscany Has To Offer

Friday, April 18, 2014

Ponte Vecchio
Source: To Tuscany photocompetition 2009 - Ranft
With a wealth of beautiful scenery and sights that attract interest from people all over the globe it’s no surprise that Tuscany has many perfect opportunities for an excellent photograph or two. Whether you are an amateur photographer or just someone who appreciates the memories that photos can hold; there is plenty in this region to keep you busy and get you excited.

So if you can bear to leave your wonderful Tuscany villa for a little while, there are a few places you should head to for the best spots. But before you get too snap happy; save some battery (or film if they still make cameras like that) for these beautiful photo opportunities.

Val d’Orcia –
Literally translated as the Valley of the River Orcia this area is a must for any budding photographers and landscape enthusiasts. The farmers who own the land in the valley have, for many years, been shaping the landscape to make it more aesthetically pleasing. This tradition started over 600 years ago and was the first example of man moulding the landscape in this way; leading to some beautiful results. For anyone who wants to see the whole valley there are photography tours available which take you along the valley trail and through the wine town of Montalcino and Pienza which is famous for its cheese.

The Siena Towers –
Any photography fan will know that tall buildings such as towers provide a great spot for an interesting photo and Siena has plenty to offer in this way. There are multiple towers that can be climbed for great views of the city; most notably the Mangia Tower which is a whopping 102 metres high. Climbing this mammoth lookout is no mean feat but it is definitely worth it when you reach the pinnacle.
It’s not the kind of climb you want to take with all of your hefty camera equipment, and backpacks have to be left in lockers halfway up anyway, but the view you receive from the top is magnificent. Be sure to capture the landscape, in which the walls of the city turn into the green of the countryside as you look out into the distance, and the piazza down below.

The Apuan Alps –
This isn’t a trip for the faint hearted but if you have access to a vehicle and don’t mind braving a narrow mountain pass then you will be mightily rewarded with yet more breath-taking scenery. The SP13 road runs right along the mountainside from Castelnuovo di Garfagnana to Massa and in the moments that you are not worrying about avoiding the oncoming traffic you will get to experience some amazing sights. Stop at a few points along the way to capture the rugged landscape of the Apuan Alps and the Garfagnana valley below.

Ponte Vecchio Bridge –
If you are the sort of person that would rather photograph architecture than landscapes then you should be sure to head to Florence and the beautiful Ponte Vecchio Bridge. One of the main attractions in this gorgeous city, the bridge is a medieval structure that has shops built into it and effortlessly spans the Arno River. If you can fight your way to the front for a great shot, be sure to experiment with the reflection of the water and the rest of the city in the background. You’ll also get some great photos if you visit at dusk and take advantage of the twilight.

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