Why Spring is the Best Season to Visit Tuscany

Monday, March 24, 2014

Although you can find enjoyable things to do during any season in Tuscany, spring is an exceptionally great time to visit this beautiful region. When booking your trip, the first thing to do is find a beautiful and unique villa rental in Tuscany. After you’re chosen your home base, it’s time to make an itinerary. To make things a little easier, we have listed 3 of the most popular events in Tuscany this spring:

Scoppio del Carro (“Explosion of the Cart”) – This religious event is a 500 year-old (or older) tradition that takes place in Florence every year on Easter Sunday. An ornate wagon, built in 1622 and standing three stories high, rolls through the city behind white, decorated oxen. The cart begins its trek at Porta al Prato and ends in the Piazza del Duomo. The cart is accompanied by a colorful parade of 150 men dressed as Roman soldiers, a few bands, and local residents wearing 15th century garb. The cart is rigged with fireworks which ignite once it reaches the Piazza, traditionally symbolizing a promise of good harvest and a stable community.

Torciata di San Giuseppe- This ancient, pagan ritual draws in hundreds of tourists each year to Pitigliano and takes place on the streets surrounding the city’s main square. A parade of men, all dressed in traditional long, white hooded tunics saunter through the streets carrying lit cane rods. Ultimately, the men reach a giant structure made of wood and straw which is lit on fire (using the blazing torches) to represent the end of winter. Once the ritual is over, it’s time celebrate with music, wine, and entertainment throughout the city.

Festa dell’Antiquariato- This antique and collector’s fair takes place in Greve in Chianti. Whether you are a collector of antique furniture or just like to explore timeworn artifacts, this fair is a sight to see. Stalls are set up along the main piazza and surrounding streets. Some of the displayed items include glassware and cutlery, ceramics, antique furniture, vineyard artifacts, paintings, and much more. If you are hungry, stop at one of the many food carts set up throughout the streets, which offer all your Italian favorites. 

Now that you know what makes spring in this Italian region so special, you'll want to start looking for your villa rental in Tuscany so that you don't miss out. Which event interests you the most?

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