Why Destination Weddings are the Way to Go

Friday, February 14, 2014

The term "eloping" no longer means what it once did. Decades ago, eloping meant that a couple would have to sneak away to get married, typically because the family didn’t approve or because they wanted to do things on their own terms. Nowadays, "eloping" is sometimes used to describe a destination wedding. Couples who go this route are kissing tradition goodbye by trading the big formal affair for a personal occasion in a fantasy honeymoon spot. Here are some reasons why destination weddings are a great choice for couples looking to get married in a unique way.  

  • More Time with Family and Friends – When you ask people what they would change about their weddings, many will say that they wish they were able to talk to more of their guests. When you have a destination wedding, your guests typically arrive a few days early, which gives you plenty of time to relax, hang out, and catch up with one another. If Italy is your dream wedding location, check out Tuscany villas for rent so your guests will be comfortable during their stay. 
  • Almost Stress-Free – Ever hear the term “bridezilla?” The stress of planning a wedding can really change a couple and it’s usually not for the better. Everyone wants to give the happy couple their two cents and often offer suggestions on what they should do for their big day. When getting married away from home, you’re choosing simpler plan than a traditional wedding and often a local wedding planner will be handling everything. 
  • You Make the Rules – When planning a destination wedding, the couple calls the shots. It is up to the couple to decide where to hold the wedding and to make accommodations. The only decision family and friends need to make is whether to attend or not. Many couples like being able to do what they want, which leads to an overall better wedding that is much more personalized and meaningful for the couple and those who witness it.
When planning a destination wedding, it’s still important to consider your guests, so make sure to find comfortable accommodations for them. Choosing Tuscany villas for rent will give your guests a relaxing, unique, and memorable place to stay. Remember that your wedding is about who you are as a couple and only make decisions that will make the two of you happy as you start your life together.

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