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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Image by: Justyna Wojcicka
The beautiful region of Tuscany is high up on the list of the dream locations to live. With stunning scenery, warm weather, peaceful beaches and a rich history it’s no wonder so many of us have thought about relocating here. The Tuscan life style is very different to that of places like Britain and America. Typically we are used to a faced paced busy lifestyle but Tuscans choose to live quite differently, embracing life and ensuring they find joy in everyday life. Before you relocate here are things to consider-

Take A Tour
Before you even start to plan your relocation take a prolonged trip to Tuscany working your way across the region. You may have been on holiday already and felt like you could see yourself living there, but where would work best for you and where would you fit in? If you can get away for a while a great way to ensure you choose the right spot to move to is to explore Tuscany beforehand. Each town, village and city you visit make a record of what you liked about it, what you didn’t, pros and cons and why it would or wouldn’t work for you. In most cases you will probably just get the right ‘vibe’ from somewhere and it’ll just feel right, but it’s good to have notes to refer back to to help make the decision.

Once you have chosen the area in which you want to live in it’s time to think about how exactly you will live. Will youbuy or rent a traditional Tuscan villa? Or rent a flat in a new build, or maybe you’ll rent a room in a Tuscan families house? Now is the time to think about budget and while you’re in Tuscany take a look at what you can afford. Narrow down your options and if you can experience living this way for at least a few days. Tuscany is full of beautiful buildings and traditional villas many of which come complete with swimming pools and stunning gardens. Stay in a Tuscan villa in your chosen town and see if this relaxed way of living is right for you.

Meet The Locals
A great way to ease your move and settle into your new life is to make friends with some of the locals before you relocate. Tuscans are typically very welcoming particularly in small knit communities. Get to know some of the locals and get them to show you all the best spots in town- when the food markets are on, where’s good to shop, eat and drink and any hidden gems you might not know of. Knowing you have friendly faces about town and know your way around makes moving much easier.

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